Hi friends! Long time no blog, I know.

So I wanted to share a few outfits as of late — well the ones I snapped — and where I’ve been lately. Please know that every day that passed without a post on KE I felt it in my bones. This blog and I are intrinsically tied together but I truly didn’t have any content to post. Nor did I have any energy to put towards rushing a post just for the sake of it all. As you know we’ve been in a huge transitionary period over here or maybe you don’t know and in that case, I’ll catch you up. In January we sold our house + B started a new job, in February we moved to a new house and March was thankfully unremarkable but went by fast.

Over the years, Bryan has either worked with me full time with KE or any of our small businesses, he’s been a consultant for other small businesses and most recently worked with an interiors start up but every job was a work from home situation with full flexibility. Since January, B’s has been back in the office full-time so his schedule is not flexible as it has been for the last 13 years. We knew that this was the case as we went into this life change, with both of us preemptively making plans for how to deal with the transition of schedules.

With that, we came to the conclusion that we could shoot all the KE content we usually shoot during the week on the weekends. This happened once a few weekends ago and it went great, I mean we are pros at this point. But since then our weekends have become either busier or lazier and both options leave productivity on the table. With our different schedules now, we tend to soak up as much time together as a family during those precious two days and I’ve found that my motivation to stop our weekend to start work has waned. In fact, the thought of doing so creates instant anxiety for me. The last few weekends I knew I needed to shoot for much needed content, but I either didn’t have time or didn’t have it in me, knowing good and well I would not have beautiful editorial content for the blog. For the last few weeks, knowing capturing high quality content is off the table, I’ve temporarily stepped away from KE  and my anxiety has lifted and I’m a much lighter person in general.

I’ve realized that so much of what I do with KE was intertwined with Bryan; we created this together in 2009 and continued creating beautiful content consistently for almost 15 years. I don’t know if I know how to do this blog without him; I don’t want to get another photographer, because it’s not just the photos. He truly brought my visions to life; the best co-creator for the past decade plus. Then to only serve selfies on here after the beautiful imagery we are used to providing year after year, doesn’t feel like home to me. I feel like I am only looking at the two extremes of delivering content to you (only selfies or editorial photography) and I can’t seem to discover the solution in between. There has to be somewhere in the middle, I just haven’t found it yet and it may take me some time to figure this out, which ironically I feel like I don’t have a lot of online.

So that’s what’s been going on with me professionally and personally. It’s been one of those years that everything in your life seems to be dumped out and then needs re-sorting to fit. Along with that, with had spring break, a sick kid, and just life in general.

And perhaps that for you, content creation doesn’t seem that ‘heavy’ or shouldn’t be this hard. I get it, on the surface it truly seems effortless or even easy. But I have so much respect for you and for this blog that what I contribute to the internet can’t just be without effort, or without care. I care so much; all I have is effort. So my posts may be a bit staccato in the next few weeks as I try to figure out what to do and how to create something new on my own. Side note — would anyone be into a Substack? Let me know. I’m tossing that around in my head but again, I’m just trying to figure out the changes needed.

In the meantime, I did save up some selfies for you and I’ll try to shoot some each week.

At least we have selfies, thank God for selfies.

Absolutely living in this dress lately. I will also be using it a lot this summer + at the pool. I will say it’s quite lightweight, so nice for summer but may be a little light for right now for some of you. I am in the large but it runs quite loose / big! Size down if in between sizes.

Find it here | Sandals – last year Anthro (similar)

We had a pretty Saturday out running errands and for some reason I decided to dress up! Do you ever have those moments were it’s like ‘oh I guess I’m a different person today’? That was this Saturday. I pulled on this Cleobella dress that I’m obsessed with and my trusty old Vince flats and pulled a See by Chloe Backpack from the archive. I’ll link similar below! The dress runs on the generous side, but is a bit short. I am in the large. Size wise I could do a medium, length wise I need the large.

Cleobella Dress | Similar Pointed Flats | Similar Leather Backpack

This maxi dress is a tried and true from a few years back via Zara. I have worn it in every single situation — as a pool cover up, to a party, as a house dress, and this one was to the mall with Gems. I added my Chloe crossbody with this pretty scarf tied to it to bring in some color. It’s not quite sandal season here, which is my shoe of choice with this dress, so I went with the next best thing: my nude ballet flats.

As I said, this dress is from Zara circa 2020 / 2021. An oldie but a goodie.

Similar Maxi Dress via Zara | Nude Ballet Flats | Chloe Marcie Crossbody | Madewell Silk Scarf

So this was one of those dark, grey spring days and as you can tell, I’m trying to find my light in the new house has been interesting! I’m still getting used to where everything is but I’m amazed at how quickly everything feels like home. Still loving this green pair of wide leg chinos from J.Crew! The fit is so comfortable, true to size if not a bit generous. I’m in the 30.

PS: looks like J.Crew is having 30% off your purchase right now!

J.Crew Cashmere Sweater | J.Crew Wide Leg Chinos | Adidas Gazelles

I truly bought this set as a ‘drop off’ outfit and it has not disappointed. This week was rainy and cold and slipping this set on for drop off / pick up was a solid choice. It’s so cozy, too. 10/10 recommend.

Hoodie from Gap | Pants from Gap | Adidas Gazelles

This is one of those outfits I hesitant to even share but here we are. This is one of those toss on and go outfits — as you can tell by my wrinkly jeans. I also decided that day that I actually don’t love those jeans, so to the pre-loved shop they will go (I’m working on this month’s upload now!!). (These are the full length and I prefer the cropped on a Demi-boot.) This Anine Bing is one of my first ones I ever purchased and she is still going strong. I will only make the case for a $99 tee once — it lasts. I’ve washed and worn this tee 10-20s of times (we all know I don’t wear things hundreds of times) and she gets better with every wash. It’s no longer available but I’ll link my current favorite from AB below.

J.Crew Demi Boot | J.Crew Polka Dot Headband | AB Graphic Tee | Golden Goose

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  1. I actually love the casual selfie content. Please take the time for yourself and your family on weekends and take as much time as you need to figure out what feels authentic to you. I would not be interested in a substack because I am not able to take on another subscription at this time and I do not find much additional value in them beyond being able to financially support creators I respect — but I can only afford to do that so much before it starts to become a financial burden on me to support everyone.

    1. I agree on substack. I initially was a fan and justified the expense as being the EQUIVALENT of buying a magazine subscription and Used to have 2 or 3 at a time so I could justify an equal amount and I do but that’s it won’t do more. As a result i am daily irked by being blocked on so many other substacks. Everything i open out of interest is nope! sorry you can’t read this. I have to subscribe to even know if you post useful info or regular info. Really off putting. There is of course some doing paid content so you are paying to see an ad. I don’t like that either.

    2. I love your blog, but I wouldn’t pay for a substack (from anyone, not you specifically). I signed up for a couple when they were first becoming a thing, but now it seems like everyone has one and I unsubbed from all of them (Except for a couple that are directly related to my industry). I guess I’d consider subbing to one if it seemed like it was really going to add value/have thoughtful content, but before I unsubbed from the ones i used to follow, they were mostly clickbait and shopping links, which felt icky to pay for.

      As a side note, I actually like the selfies better than the more polished shoots!

  2. Your casual selfies are great. Don’t undersell yourself and your style, girl!

  3. Honestly, I don’t read for the editorial photos — I read for your honest and detailed reviews of pieces, whether new ones that you’re excited about or favorites that have stood the test of time. Even though I have a pretty different body type, it’s still helpful! I love seeing how you style things too, but that comes across just as well (if not better, because it’s more realistic) in a selfie than a styled shoot.

  4. I love your style and photos, but your writing is actually spectacular and you’re very funny. i know it’s easier said than done, but i think your audience would love/has loved to see your brand evolve *with* you. if that means selfies, or whatever you can fit into your day when the inspiration strikes, we’re here for it!

  5. Just want to say your selfies are fine with me as well. I like the more casual photos which is how your blog was in the early days. you of course have better lighting, backgrounds and more skill 🤩.I prefer less shots per outfit like what you do on your own. If i am interested i click thru anyway to see retailers pics. I appreciate the continued effort as i know a blog is a lot of work, time and space in ones brain,

  6. I’m also fine with selfies, you do a good job of finding light and although i appreciated the locations you two would find to shoot, i’m totally fine with casual stuff too. and who knows, maybe Gemma is gonna start snapping some (my 6 year old mini me hs been very into it lately lol)

  7. I just reallized that I hvae been dipping in and out on your blog since the beginning. You’re mustard scarf, floral skirt causual beauty is still ingrained in my heart and was my first pintrest pin. Seeing you evolve your style, become a mother a few years behind me, share your VULNERABILITIES but not make that the main focus, has been inspiring and a joy for me, so thank you and please continue to do what is right for you and your family. you are doing a great job!

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