Hi friends! I have not forgotten about you or June. My mood board is coming up and I don’t want to jinx anything but B and I might be back on our regular shooting schedule again.  It’s been a minute since I’ve done a what I wore last week-ish, so I’m going to share some outfits from the last few weeks. Well the ones I decided to snap anyways. I’ve realized that I tend to wear / re-wear a lot of the same combination of an outfit so when I do that I tend to not take a selfie. I think — do you really want to see another denim short + white top look?? But I am trying to take a snap every time I get dressed cute! And since I’ve had this realization I keep wearing the same outfit in a different font over and over, I’m challenging myself to mix some things up. Turns out my comfort outfit is a white top and denim shorts, let’s see if we can’t mix that up this summer.


So this outfit is actually for an upcoming collaboration with J.Crew but this selfie isn’t sponsored lol. I just loved this outfit so much I wore it out on a happy hour date, too. (I’m not wearing my ring I’m realizing here so just to clarify it was with B lol.) Please act surprised when you see this outfit again.

This pair of pants is probably better suited as swimsuit cover up pants but I love the print so much so I am just gonna wear them like normal. They’re cotton, but not linen, and a really nice lightweight cotton, so they have some movement, swing to them. I am int he large but definitely didn’t need to size up. That was my mistake, the medium would have been perfect! So Stay TTS because they run generously. Find them here. 

However, this little cashmere shell runs short / small. I am in the large and I need every bit of it. Side note — I am wearing a strapless bra with this and it works beautifully under this top. It’s gorgeous top and lightweight, because a sweater in summer *sounds* awful but this one breathes.

Find it here, under $100!

You gotta see a close up on the shell earrings. It’s full 80s drama and I am living for it.

Find them from J.Crew here.

This top is one of my absolute favorites from Anthro but from last year. I’ll poke around and see if I can find a similar somewhere, but it really was one of those purchases that I just loved and will for years. Do you ever have those? That’s this top. It just makes any outfit fun. AKA my white top + denim shorts outfit combo but with personality. Similar look here.

So these are those Madewell flat front shorts from this post and I really like them. They have a flat front (obvs) and elastic in the back so you gotta get them over your hips / booty but once up they fit great and give me more of a waist than I actually have. I mean you can’t see that here, but I’ll shoot them again so you can see when I mean. Do I kind of feel like a mom from the 90s? Yes but I am fully embracing turning 40 this year, so why not wear some long-waisted, light wash denim shorts with confidence? I’ve earned it.

My only complaint is they do wrinkle when you sit for extended amounts of time, like they leave the leg lines so when you stand up you can also see how it looks like when you sit. Minor complaint, but if that bothers you, now you know these shorts aren’t for you. I am in the large and honestly I need the large to get them over my hips but I do think they run generously, size down if in between sizes.

Find them here!

Side note — I was on the fence with these flats but after they stretched out I am a fan! THey’re very comfortable and they stretched out well. A nice ballet flat option for summer. Find them here.

I wore this top my nephew’s graduation, actually. It  was outside and since it wasn’t quite hot yet I thought let’s go with a nice linen option. Once again, great when standing, a bit wrinkly after sitting through a ceremony. You guys already know I love the pants from J.Crew – 10/10 recommend. I am in the medium, they run generous. Find them here!

This top is almost sold out at Madewell but I’ll link it anyways! It runs loose / slightly wide which is great for me but you might feel differently. I would say TTS but expect a looser fit. I am in the large. Find it here.

I love this top from Madewell and when something I love gets meh reviews it always makes me question my own reality. But I do love it, even if the arms are a wee tight. That’s my only complaint because otherwise it’s perfect, I love the loose, billowy top AND it looks cute untucked as well. That’s a real talent to look cute both way. I am in the large, by the way!

These shorts were tight last summer and still tight this summer, lol. Sometimes when I put shorts on from the summer before they’re all so tight I wonder what happened in my drawer over the last 9 months. Did a fairy come and shrink you all? Because it’s certainly not my fault, that’s for damn sure. I am in the 30 and they fit fine, I just want more wiggle room. I would suggest a size up OR the curvy version of these shorts if you’ve got hips that tell you the truth, even if you’re not ready for it. Find them here.

I love when the smudges on my camera create a gorgeous, almost ethereal camera filter for me. I look like I’m glowing in this selfie, but probably it’s just yogurt smear. This top is from Madewell and I love it but I wish it were about an inch longer. It’s probably for the best that it’s not because I actually own about 3 tops just like what I described. So the crop of this top gives me a new look, a new option. But just know — it’s cropped. I am in the large and absolutely suggest going up a size if you want a looser fit. It fits a bit more fitted than shown online. Find it here!

I love these Zara shorts. Also a mom in the 90s vibe, which I’ve really had to ease myself into because it’s not easy to go backwards. There are a lot of throwback or vintage trends right now that I will not be able to reproduce due to my own high standards and morals, but a 90s long denim? I can do that. I will admit that I have cuffed rolled these shorts into shorty-shorts about 30 times before I realized they look terrible like that. Baby steps.

I’m in the 10. Size up if you want to wear them lower on your hips. Find them here!

This is what I mean by same outfit, different font. I’m working on it ok? I can quit white tops anytime, I promise. So this is that oversized tee from Madewell that I’ve never really decided if I like or not but I keep wearing it. Do you have anything like that? Like I like it…but then I don’t. But I keep wearing it like it’s my favorite so there you go. (I don’t like the pocket if you were wondering and I want it to be either a lot bigger or a lot smaller.)

BUT then I go on to link it and see the darker colors and I’m like ohhhhh maybe I need the grey one…le sigh. Some things will never change. Find it here.

This is that pair of the Rag & Bone Miramar Shorts — yes the sweat pants shorts! I love them. They’re amazing especially on your period when you don’t want to wear real clothes. I mean these are ‘real’ clothes, but I mean anything that’s gonna hurt my feelings. You know the types — zippers, buttons, hooks, yuck.

Find them here!

We went down to our old stomping grounds in the Texas Hill Country and went to a water park over Memorial Day weekend and had a blast. This outfit was from a dinner one night and the restaurant matched my vibe perfectly, look below!

I love this linen dress from J.Crew but I don’t feel like I do her justice. It’s such a nice linen fabric and I love how it drapes, but with dresses like this I throw them on for comfort. But if I reframe it…it’s a fancy dress that you have to put zero effort into AND it’s comfortable. And you can wear it as a cover up, which I plan to do next week at the beach! I love a good double duty dress.

I am in the medium, it runs a bit generous actually! You can find it here.

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  1. I’ve followed you forever and i just love how honest and humorous and just real you are about your body. we all change and things shift and it’s normal and it’s always great for more people to normalize those changes!

  2. Loved this roundup of your recent outfits! Your style is always on point, and it’s great to see how you mix and match pieces to create fresh looks. Thanks for the detailed reviews and links—super helpful! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  3. I loved reading about your outfit adventures! Your mix of styles and willingness to try new things is inspiring. Can’t wait to see more of your fashion journey!

  4. I’m loving the variety and honesty in your style journey! It’s refreshing to see someone embrace their favorites while also daring to try new things. Your outfit combinations are inspiring and relatable, making fashion feel fun and accessible. Keep shining in your unique fashion adventures!

  5. Your fashion adventures are like flipping through a magazine, each outfit a unique chapter in your style story. Your blend of nostalgia and modernity is captivating! Looking forward to more of your effortlessly chic looks. Keep inspiring!

  6. You’ve got such a versatile and fun style! It’s great to see how you mix and match different pieces to create unique and fashionable outfits. Keep embracing your creativity and sharing your fashion journey—it’s inspiring!

  7. your fashion sense is good and you fun style. keep embracing your creativity. LOOK FORWARD TO MORE EFFORT LOOK.
    I LOVE your variety and honesty in your style journey

  8. You’ve got such a versatile and fun style! It’s great to see how you mix and match different pieces to create unique and fashionable outfits. Your fashion adventures are like your style, each outfit a unique style

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