Would you believe I wore this to travel in? Every once in a while I like to see what will happen in a bright white dress and this day I was feeling especially reckless. I didn’t get one stain on it, if you can believe, and it was very comfortable to wear all day. I got a bit chilly in the airplane but that’s on not traveling for a second and forgetting that airplanes run cold. I usually always have an emotional cardigan or a denim jacket with me and this time I forgot. Add a denim jacket to this look and it’s a really comfortable travel outfit. Albeit risky, but considering that I get heartburn from sour candy now a white dress in the airport is about as risky as I get these days.

To be fair, this dress deserved better. She deserved the beaches of Florida, but I ran out of days and still wanted to wear this dress. I would absolutely recommend this dress as a gorgeous cotton dress option for summer.¬†Only caveat — it’s a bit sheer in the bright sun, so you may want to wear a slip. The top part was fine, but the legs show a bit with backlight, as you can see here. You’re welcome for that peep show. Also, if you like the dress but are considered about white or sheerness, they have a black option as well! Both are gorgeous choices.

I would suggest a size down unless you need extra room for the boons, but if not go down a size. I am in the large but the medium would have fit a bit better up top / overall. Find this dress from J.Crew here!

PS: my hat is from the brand Favorite Daughter but I’m 99% sure people thought it was a bold declaration on my family + sibling. No sister’s feelings were hurt in the wearing of this hat.

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I am in the large of the dress but it runs generous. I would say a medium would fit best, as it’s a little too loose in the chest. Size down for a closer fit. I am in the 9.5 of the shoes, they run big so go down at least a half size.

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    1. Hi! I wore a strapless. You could get away with a normal bra if it had skinnier straps though! The back isn’t too low.

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