This January challenge has definitely been… a challenge. You see since I’ve started the challenge we have been hit with flu, strep, and an ice storm that took a three day weekend into a 4 day weekend.  Lots of days off from school, lots of cuddling and lots of ‘mom will you play with me?’ Real life > daily outfits, my friends. However, I can honestly say I didn’t see any of that coming for the first two weeks of the year. You see, I start every year with rose colored glasses, ignoring reality and all historical events of past January’s. It’s January — of course one or all of use are going to get sick multiple times. It’s January — of course we are going to have a huge winter event that our state is ill-prepared for. My New Year’s resolution for 2025? Elderberry and better expectations.

However I did get dressed three times over the weekend and those three times were documented!


You know when you get something in the mail and immediately put it ALL on? That was Friday. I got new Madewell in and on it went! I can’t tell you how much I love these jeans. They are SO comfortable and I love the crossover hem too. I am in the 30 and they run generously! Super comfy and the fit is spot on.

This blazer fits perfectly oversized and not too tight in the shoulders / arms, which sometimes happens with me and Madewell blazers. I got the large and I am obsessed with the fit. PLUS it’s an extra 40% off so it’s on major sale!

Also I am trying to grow my hair out and it’s in that super annoying length stage where I don’t really want to cut it besides a trim but then it just feels…boring. Just stop me if I mention bangs.

You will have to pry this sling bag out of my cold, frozen hands. Side note — this color is sold out for now but there is a smaller version and I’ll link that here. 



This was Saturday and we had to buy a car and it was going from nice and warm-ish to cold front from hell. So naturally I left my ankles to fend for themselves. My good ol’ Anine Bing Sweatshirt and these new jeans from Madewell (the kickout jeans) were a really nice and comfortable option. Oh and I busted out my Vans, which I would say my ‘old’ Vans but I literally wore them like 2 times since I bought them in 2018. So they are very much new and since they’ve made it through a few clean outs, I think I like them. Are old discarded Vans from your closet the new IT sneaker for spring? Are old shoes you never wore but wear now the new Sambas? No, lol but I thought I’d throw that out there just in case it’s true.

Sunday? Monday?  I honestly don’t know

This day we had to get out — I needed to get medicine at Target and you know what? That sounds like an outing. We barely got any snow so the roads were fine, just very very frozen. (It felt like sub zero temperatures here!) I paired my very loved pair of Zella Joggers (I wear the medium and they run very generously) with a Zella top that I wish they still made because it has been one of my favorites for years. It’s soft and I like the long sleeves for winter to work out in. And my Alo Yoga fuzzy jacket that I kind of just wore as a top all day. It’s nice and cozy. I added a bright hat because — and you can’t see it in the selfie — there is a little green on my sneakers, too. Always be matching.

Once again, the ankles were sacrificed.

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I am in the large of the blazer, 30 of the jeans and medium of the poplin blouse. I am in the medium of the Anine Bing sweatshirt and 30 of the white jeans. The vans run TTS. I wear the medium in the joggers but they’re generous fit, and a medium in the Zella, too. I buy a half size up in the airmax270, they fit quite wide.

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