My friends, something exciting happened while we took these photos on our way to Costco. A lady stopped me mid-shoot and asked me where I got my shoes. This never happens and what a compliment it is! Oh and I of course told her where she could find them — I’m not gatekeeping these weird little beauties. More than anything it was the boost I needed because I’ve had these shoes hidden away in my closet all fall and I’ve yet to hard launch them here on the blog. I’ve done a few soft launches with try on photos, but the blog really means commitment.

Here is the thing: these shoes have such a unique style, that feels so different for me these days that I needed a confidence boost and that dear stranger gave me that lift. (And I hope she buy the shoes so she can have a lift too. They’ve got a nice 2 inch platform.) I’ve been feeling stale this year with style and I finally feel like I’m stepping out of my staleness with a little bit of color here and a few risky pieces like these shoes here. Slowly but surely, I feel like I’m finding my style again.

I’ve found them in a few places and on sale, too! Size down a half size, they run slightly generous.

Same with my sweater, this is a favorite from years past but it’s still a best seller for Free People so they keep her around. I am in the medium and I’ve linked a few options below! It looks like Zappos has the most sizes available and is the cheapest option, so I’ve linked it here. 

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Fit Details

I am in the medium of the tunic — it’s a loose oversized fit! I am in the 30 of the jeans, regular length. Perfect fit! The shoes runs lightly generous.

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