Did you know many years ago I hated using coats in my content? I felt as if they covered up my look so instead I would shoot my winter outfit without a coat, usually freezing out there in the elements. As it turns out, I was just looking at winter dressing all wrong; your coat can (and should!) be a part of your outfit not just something to cover it. I didn’t think about my coat as anything other than a functioning warm piece that I had to wear, but as I grew into my style, I realized that a coat can be a fantastic part of your winter outfit. In this case, my coat IS my outfit. Now this bold plaid coat isn’t one that I would reach for everyday because it’s a less versatile piece. But for a simple outfit the coat really makes the whole outfit sing.

Side note: A coat can also just be a coat, which is why I have found myself reaching for a simple black coat or a camel coat, because those two can go with anything. Not a fan of outspoken outerwear? Go with a classic every time. 

This Avec les Files coat is probably more of a jacket if we are being honest — it was fine for me today, we woke up with below freezing temps but moved into a regular sunny but cold day. But for those cold cold areas (AKA not Texas!) this is going to read as more of a jacket. It’s unlined and while the fabric is warm, it’s not super thick. It IS on sale however and you can find it here! I am in the medium and it fits TTS with a normal sweater, if you want extra layers go up a size as it’s a tailored fit.

Find it on sale! 

Since it’s Cyber Monday, it looks like J.Crew is still on sale (up to 50% and 50% off their sale items!) and Madewell is a full 50% off as well. I’ve linked my jeans from Madewell and sweater via J.Crew!  Speaking of holiday sales, did you score anything good? I keep making carts and everything keeps selling out! :I mean it’s fine, let’s be honest plus you know I love a good challenge.

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Fit Details

I am in the medium of the coat, runs true to size. I am in the large of the sweater, fitted true to size. I am in the 29 of the jeans, they are stretchy and run generous. The boots run TTS.

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