It’s February and if your brain doesn’t immediately change into red, pink and purple, I envy you. It’s like I have rose-colored glasses on during this month and I fight making every look fit this cheesy holiday’s color theme. Don’t worry, I won’t. ( For instance, my outfit next Monday is all black. I may love a good themed month, but I am a Scorpio after all.) But to get this out of my system, I had to do *something* for Valentine’s. I was looking through my closet and these pieces lit up; called to me as if they were saying ‘pick me, pick me’. I thought why not remix a few pieces into some Valentine’s themed outfits! We were stuck inside due to an ice storm all week, so it all came together perfectly. These are outfits you can wear now for Valentine’s, built with pieces that can work in your closet throughout the year, as well. Hopefully if these are items you’ve purchased from here in the last few months, this will give you some good ideas, too! Or perhaps you can draw inspiration from your own closet as well.

Let’s take a look at what I found: this new pair of purple trousers from J.Crew, this bright pink skirt and cami from Target, this purple cardigan from Amazon and my red dress from last October’s capsule all called to me. Below I’ve created 7 looks from these pieces!

Let’s Remix!

Violet Pants + Lavender Cardigan

Lavender Cardigan + Red Slip Dress

Anthro Slip Dress

Red Slip Dress + Hot Pink Satin Skirt

Hot Pink Satin Skirt + Cami Set

Lavender Cardigan + Hot Pink Satin Skirt

Which look is your favorite? I love the red dress and the pink skirt, but all of them are winners. Hard to pick a favorite child you know? I hope this gives you some inspo for Valentine’s, no matter what your plans. <3


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  1. Only 8 days left until Valentine’s Day, I feel very lucky to read your share. I’m really stuck with the idea of ​​the layout, but after reading this share, I have an idea for myself.

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