Do you replace your bras often? I’m sure there is some stat out there that says you should replace your bras every 8 years or so. Wait… that’s your mattress. Please replace your bras before 8 years, I’d say even before 2 years? I don’t know — what is the timeline here for bras? I’m literally asking for myself, for my friends, my sister, my mother. Like I need to know.

Anyways, I tend to replace my bras as they need. You can just tell when your bra is tired, you know? The cups are misshapen, the straps have all but given up, and the hooks in the back have twisted 180 degrees in the wrong direction and are now digging into you as if they are saying ‘please bestie, let me retire’. So yeah, you can just tell. I find the wireless ones give up first, too. But those are the most comfortable so I tend to gravitate towards those. (the only wired bras I accept now are the Cuup brand, just FYI. my fave!)

I was able to try the newest bras from NEIWAI, who have the best wireless bras I’ve found. These actually stay the same size as when you bought them! If you have bigger boobs but want the comfort of wireless bras, these bras have built in support but without the underwire. I’ll link my two favorites from their new line below! I am a large in them, I would say true to size via their sizing guide. (I’m a 36D for reference and I wear both bras on the last hook.) If you want their wireless bra collection — find it here.¬†¬†They are my hands down favorite wireless bras (I find them way better than True & Co or Honeylove.)

The black bra, shown above, has a broader full cup but both have full support and coverage.

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I wear the large in their bras. I would say they are true to size!

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  1. Hi Kendi,

    I find you so sensual and feminine, regardless of the underclothes you wear. Whether with Cuup, honeylove or NEIWAI bras, you make my mouth water day and night. In addition, nothing beats natural.

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