Are we over 2022 lists? No? Great! I have a list for you today. It is all of my favorite finds from last year that I have loved and will continue to buy and use this year. My list is all over the place so I’ll leave little reviews below.

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Nike Sparks | Target Lounge Leggings | Nudestix Bronzer

TA3 Swimsuit | Etsy Leather Tote | Sheertex Classic Tights

Target NY Cap | Lululemon Hoodie | Gorjana Lou Hoops

Le Labo ‘Another 13’ Perfume | Saint Jane Luxury Serum |  Maars Skinny Tumblers

My Favorite Finds


Nike Sparks: I go to the gym 4-5 times a week and all of my gym sneakers get dirty. And I’m gonna be honest — that makes me sad. (Like .005% sad, small yet still an emotion.) So when I go to wear sneakers for my day outfit, my Nikes all gross and it ruins my vibe. I thought ‘Kendi, get a pair that you don’t wear to the gym’ and it’s a brilliant thought. So this is my no gym pair of sneakers that I wear with clothes that look like I workout but I didn’t actually work out in, which is maybe the most high maintenance thing I’ve ever said.  They are a few months old and are still squeaky clean and perfect and so comfortable. I still go for walks in them because I’m not an elementary kid and I can keep myself clean for 30 minutes, ok? Highly recommend for a street wear look, or a great walking shoe. Find them at Nike here or at Nordstrom here.

Target Ribbed Leggings: I have a whole post coming up about the best leggings next week but these have reserved a special place in my heart. I randomly picked these up in December because I was supposed to be shopping for teacher gifts and somehow made it about myself. I will never walk away from nice looking leggings and we were about to do some holiday traveling and I wanted a lounge legging. Well boy did I find one. These are the absolute best legging I’ve found at Target. Stretchy but they hold me in, super flattering and thick so it’s really nice for winter. In fact, I layered them under my pants when we had negative something degrees weather and they were a perfect base layer. Can’t say enough nice things about them! I bought the large and the fit is perfect. Find them here. 

Nudestix Bronzer: This is a hyper-pigmented bronzer that is so smooth, creamy and stays on most of the day. I use it as a contour stick as well, but as a nice bronzer in the summer.

TA Swimsuit: This swimsuit is the best at waist snatching hands down. It is adjustable so you can do it really tight or lose and it all looks good. It’s expensive, so think Spanx as a swimsuit but it really does do exactly what it advertises! I bought the large and it fits just right for me. Side note: their website is a bit…NSFW so just…yeah. Be warned.

Etsy Leather Tote: I found this leather tote last spring and it was one of my favorites thoughout spring and summer. It’s a gorgeous piece of craftsmanship, and it holds everything. I even took it to the beach and it worked perfectly and still looks great. Find it on Etsy here.

Sheertex Tights: I got targeted by an Facebook ad and I’m so glad I did.I hate buying things like underwear, socks, tights, etc. You know the things we wear and need to wear? Those things. But I was in desperate need of new tights this year because I couldn’t remember the last time I had purchased my worn out pair. So I bought a pair and I love them, they’ve been in rotation each week (weather pending). Sheertex doesn’t run or tear and they fit like a dream. Go with your typical size and they are perfect and dare I say, actually comfortable. Find them here.

NY Baseball Cap: I actually have this in the Blue LA and this ecru hue, NY! I love them, they look designer but they’re Target. I won’t tell if you won’t. 😉

Lululemon Half Zip Hoodie: I bought this for myself on my birthday (perks of being in your late 30s) and I have loved it. It’s a staple I wear to the gym every single week. I toss it on like a jacket basically. I bought the M/L and it fits perfectly. If I wanted it to be a bit looser, I’d go up one but overall it’s TTS! Find it in many colors here.

Gorjana Lou Hoops: These were the latest addition and I love them for everyday. I never take them out, truly. I love getting a pair of classic earrings and just keeping them in and with Gorjana pieces, they don’t turn even in the shower so these are perfect for that. I like the size of these hoops and I like that they are thicker, less delicate looking. You can find them here. 

Le Labo ‘Another 13’ Perfume: This is one of those fragrances that just sticks with you. I’m picky with perfumes and this one doesn’t give me a headache nor does it get obnoxious. (Do you know what I mean? Like have you ever sprayed yourself with perfume and then hours later you are tired of smelling it? I don’t get that way at all with this one.) It’s so expensive that it makes me sad so I got it at Anniversary Sale and I just buy the small vials. One day I’ll buy the big bottle, you guys. I just know it. Find it here.

Saint Jane Luxury Serum: This is another new to me beauty item but it has quickly became an everyday favorite. I use it every morning with my gua sha tool and it has literally made my skin glow. I don’t use too much because a little goes a long way and it has kept my skin moisturized like no other this winter. Absolutely recommend adding to your morning skin routine. Find it here.

Maars Skinny Tumblers: These are my very favorite tumblers from Amazon. I use them for my iced coffee, I use them to encourage water intake (sparkling water + ice + lemon = chef’s kiss), and they fit in my small cup holders in my car. They aren’t the biggest cups ever, but I like that for my iced espresso because if the cup is bigger I end up wasting coffee. It keeps my drink cold for hours, too! Recommend this cup in all sizes. 


Do you have any favorite finds of last year you want to share? let me know in the comments below!

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