Is it too forward to tell you that this skirt is under $25 and you need it? It’s $21 right now and in full stock. I am so excited it’s back in stock because I love this skirt and I love this outfit and I get so sad when we shoot an outfit and it goes out of stock. But today the stars aligned, the stock is full and this post is going live. As you can see, this skirt creates her own moment;  she keeps structure and shape throughout the day. And yet it’s a soft sweater. How they do it? I don’t know. Now I will say it does flare out at the hips, so if that shape bothers you, then reconsider. You can find this skirt here in maroon (Taylor’s version) or white!

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Side note: I got targeted for a Facebook ad for these tights from a website called Sheertex. They were on sale so I thought why not? And I actually really like them and recommend the brand. They claim to be indestructible but I usually only take that as a dare. So I’ll let you know but so far after day one of wearing them, no runs or tears. So far, so good. This is the ribbed sheer pair, I am in the M/L. True to size! Find them here. 

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Fit Details

I am in the medium of the sweater, medium of the skirt and M/L of the tights. Highly recommend this pair of tights!

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