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It is finally cold here! Which means my tunnel vision for this sweater can be put to good use. As you already know, I love this sweater. (It’s target and yes it’s that good.) I sized up for this looser look and it feels VERY free people. You can find it here!

This look kinda came together accidentally. I was trying this outfit on as two separate pieces and realized I loved the look of the oversized sweater and the loose, wide leg denim together. This look feels effortless and free. This look says ‘I wash my face every night and give my kids organic foods.” Which is actually a statement that is 50% true half of the time.

Why I equate wide leg denim with the wellness industry I will never know, but you can find them here. I would say only size up if you need more room in the waist, other wise TTS. (Yes — they’re from Target too!)

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I sized up in the sweater — I am in the large. I am in the 8 of the jeans, TTS.

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