How’s it going in your neck of the woods? Are you wearing coats yet? We are some days here and there and I remembered I purchased this coat from the Anniversary sale and was super excited to bust it out this weekend.  This one is so so so warm AND it’s on sale! I know right? Everything you look for in a coat and she cute.

You can find this coat from Nordstrom here!

I do feel part ski bunny though. Which I’m good with… I just need the temps to dip about 20 degrees so I don’t look like an idiot who is just really into cold weather. Or maybe I just need to go to a ski resort and live my best ski bunny life? Is that what you’re saying? That I deserve that and that it’s important to have self care at this time of the year….? Is that what you’re saying? Wow. I really appreciate it, guys. I totally agree. As I’ve always said: Dress for the two week vacation you want, not the life you’re currently living in which it would make way more sense to dress for. 😉

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I am in the medium of the jacket — it runs generous! I like this fit because I can layer under it but you could size down if you wanted a closer fit. I am in the medium of the turtleneck and 28 of the jeans, both TTS.

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