How was everyone’s Christmas? Ours went so well, actually better than I was expecting because with the move and everything being crazy I just didn’t know how I was gonna pull off the Christmas spirit. By the way, 10/10 do NOT recommend moving the week of Christmas, lol. But we got all moved in just in time and I ended up finding a tiny Christmas tree and stockings on sale at Target last minute and so Christmas was saved! I reassured Gemma that Santa would find our new house, special thanks to GPS reindeer and the mail-forwarding system. It was a fun, special day in the new house and I hope the same for you. <3

I’m back with a shacketnot everyone’s favorite trend, if we are being honest. I thought this was a 2021 trend you would love love love, but I actually think this is one of my readers least favorite trends. And I have to say — you know what I like about you guys? Your discernment when it comes to trends. I find my audience to be very wise when it comes to picking the trends that will last and I have to give you credit for that. Does that stop me from trying to shove the Shacket trend down your throat? Absolutely not. Should it? Probably yes. But my name doesn’t rhyme with trendy for nothing. (Can you believe I’ve waited 12 years to make that joke?)

This jacket I’m in the fence with — I love the colors, I like that it’s longer and it really does feel more coat than jacket. (Coat for the south, not for the north. You will die in the north if you try to wear this as a coat outside in below freezing weather.) For me, I shall wear it as a coat on our chilly days. This is what I don’t like about it — it’s a stiffer feel / fit and the shoulders are quite broad. This is coming as someone who has broad shoulders, so I would say these are extra broad. You could size down for sure, if you are smaller or petite. Also there are lots of colors in this coat! I just chose navy / red because why not? Add a little color this winter you know? Spice it up. You can find this jacket under $75 from Amazon here!

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I am in the medium of the shacket. It runs oversized and the shoulders are a broad fit. The jacket overall is stiff, so size down if you want a closer fit. I am in the medium or size 2 of the bodysuit. It’s a tight TTS fit. Size up for more length. I am in the 28 of the jeans, true to size.

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  1. I actually think this is one of my readers least favorite trends. And I have to say — you know what I like about you guys?

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