It’s Hoodie Season, baby! Well okay it’s *almost* hoodie season and so I’m breaking out my hoodie dress I picked up from Amazon. So yes, this dress is on the shorter side so you could easily size down and have a tunic or size up and have more length. Or option three, stay true to size and just be a little risqué. This is suburban mom level risqué, but it still counts. If the neighbors are talking about it, it counts.

You can find this dress here. I personally love it — it’s a nice fit, a good weight (French Terry) and it’s a great quality. I am in the medium, it fits like it fits you know? I’d say TTS but short. Find it under $50 here!

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I am in the medium of the dress, it’s pretty short so size up if you need more length. But overall it fits true to size. I am in the 9.5 of the sneakers, I sized down a half size.

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