The Softest Dress I Own

I would categorize this dress as a pajama dress and if you’re new here this is the futile category I give to dresses that I’d like to sleep in, but I won’t. Don’t get me wrong — I want to, but I will respect the socially acceptable boundaries of day and night clothes. (But just between us, I’ve fallen asleep in this dress before and 10/10 would do it again.) 

All in all, this dress is soft and stays soft as you wash and wear. Dare I say it gets softer?! And while it clings a little bit to my tummy, it’s nice about it. It’s more of a side hug than a full cling. I am in the medium, true to size and plenty long for me it hits around my ankles which is nice for wearing sneakers with. You can find this under $35 dress from Amazon here!

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Editor's Notes:

I am in the medium of the dress. Fit is true to size! I am in the 10 of the Vejas — I find they fit TTS!

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