#NSALE: Black Midi Dress

I don’t mean to do this on purpose but I feel like every year I find Nordstrom Anniversary items that aren’t the *most popular* or the best sellers, which makes me get into my head about it. Just like an enneagram 4, I’m all up in my feels over nothing. But of course, on the other hand, the things I always like are usually in stock because I think I’m the only one who likes it lol. So welcome to my weird little corner of the internet where we may not be the most popular, but we are the most fun. 😉

Find my dress here

Okay well… hold up. Not this dress — it’s not the *most fun* dress but you know what I mean. It is very practical and that can be “fun” in the right context. ‘Practical’ and ‘fun’ are basically synonymous. Someone asked which LBD do I like best — this one here or the Madewell dress from my try on. Well, I really like this dress for dressier moments and this Madewell ribbed knit dress for everyday. (I’m hoping the stock on the Madewell dress holds because I have a post idea for it you’d love!)  I’d say if you are buying one or the other, my favorite is the Madewell because it’s more ‘everyday’ casual but if you find yourself dressing up more, go with this midi dress one! And they may not be best sellers yet but that’s just because we found it first, you know? 😉

It’s a generous fit, so if you have slimmer shoulders you could size down. I’m in the medium, my typical size but it’s a looser fit. Find it here! (The full sale will open up on July 28th! You can put things in a wish list for now if you’re not a Nordstrom cardholder!)

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Editor's Notes:

I’m in the medium of the dress. Fit is generous, if in between sizes you could definitely size down especially for a tighter fit in the shoulders. These are last year’s Vince heels but they will fit very similar! I am in my usual size 10.

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  1. Fathi says:

    Kendi I already feel in the right context to practice and have fun … I love slipping into your weird little corner. I am sure to discover the real substance of femininity.
    Love your blog!

    07.16.21 · Reply