If I was the betting type, I’d put all my money on the matching sets trend this year. I’ve got a few sets and I wear them all the time. For one, they are super comfortable so it’s perfect for WFH. Secondly, for a Zoom meeting this top just looks like a pretty sweater, which it is, but instead of denim, it’s better half are a pair of knit joggers and no one would see that coming. From the waist up, business; from the waist down, Netflix. I’m not saying you couldn’t wear this set into the office because I would absolutely put some heels on and dare someone to report me to HR. But that’s my energy. We aren’t all Scorpios and I respect that. But for now in our WFH world, this set is universally perfect.

My only complaint about matching sets right now is that most of them are … sold separately. Why they do that? To annoy me, I’m pretty sure. So this set is from J.Crew and they are a complete match but sold separately. Like when we were kids and the battery operated toy didn’t include the batteries, it’s the same situation. They need each other and you have to be the bridge for these two soulmates to be together. So with that being said I’ll leave both links below! I am in the medium of both, true to size fit and they both wash out beautifully.

J.Crew Mockneck Sweater

J.Crew Knit Joggers


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  1. And thank goodness they’re not sold as sets. For those of us who are a medium on top and a large bottom or vice versa, sets are useless.

    1. I never even thought about that. You’re so right – thanks for pointing that out!

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