Do you have a ‘run around’ outfit that is your go-to for errands? In the colder months, it’s usually Spanx leggings or yoga pants and an oversized sweater with sneaks. But for summer I usually find a simple dress or something that is easy to toss on and it becomes THE ONE. People at Costco and Trader Joe’s can see me coming from yards away. I just always find a favorite and then just stick to it, which I know sounds crazy because I’ve admittedly got a lot of options. But I actually love a one and done and this summer, although it’s early, I found the One you guys. It’s this romper that feels like butter. I’m drooling right now thinking about how soft it is and I’m also thinking abut butter. Double drool.

This gal is just about the most comfortable thing I’ve put on my body. It’s that weird modal brushed fabric that is SO soft and flattering because it lays just right but it’s also a bit temperamental if you get an oil stain on it. I know that’s the weirdest statement you’ll read on a fashion blog today but look, it’s true and it needed to be said. If you get oil or butter on this fabric, I can not tell you how to get it out. It will leave a colorless stain forever. Maybe you could put rice on it? To soak it up? I don’t know but time is ticking on this romper and when I decide to eat a big oily bowl of pasta so I’ll circle back with you if the rice trick works.

Guess what? You’ll never get these two minutes back you’ve spent reading that mess up there. Sorry not sorry.

I am in the medium of this romper and it fits! It has a LOT of room in the chest area so no need to size up for that. Perhaps if you want it to be a bit longer, but the waist is adjustable and the straps are plenty long (but not adjustable). You can find it from Amazon here!

Also I am in the black! It looks navy here but I promise this is the black!

And if you are wondering why I tossed a jacket on with this, when we shot this it was cool and I was freezing again! But also I tend to run all of my errands on one day in a week and lately the places I’ve been going have been absolutely frigid. So a jacket is necessary for my wimpy Texas blood. Under 70 degrees here is considered a blizzard. This jacket is old Target but I found a really similar one from Gap here!

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I am in the medium of the romper — true to a size 8. Size down if you need LESS room up top. But overall true to size. The sandals also run TTS!

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  1. This made me laugh! I know exactly what material you’re talking about! It’s the best yet the worst. Would this romper be good as pj’s? I’m thinking I might like it better like that.

  2. Man I love your posts. The sarcasm and sass, personality, and easy style. Also, I know well the fabric you speak of and I know how to get oil stains out because I work at a dry cleaner. So, we wash and pretreat a lot of things with Dawn (the blue one). There are several types of Dawn (who knew?) and the one you get from Lowe’s or Home Depot is ultra heavy duty degreaser. And it’s awesome. Just add some in to your machine with whatever detergent you use and move on. Worst case you can take it to a dry cleaner and have them spot it. We have a dry cleaning fluid in a spray can for spots just like you’re describing, or you can give the cleaner permission to dry clean it if your tag doesn’t recommend it.

  3. For oily stains, use Dawn dish soap. Squeeze some Dawn on the stain and let it sit for awhile, then wash as normal. Works 99% of the time for me!

  4. Darling romper. Use dishwashing soap on stains like Dawn – good for oil covered ducklings and oil splots on clothing.

  5. I bought one when you last highlighted it and I love it. It’s a bit big and wondering if putting it in the dryer would shrink it too much. Oh, the gamble! And, yes, also makes great pjs!

  6. I waited tables for years and our uniforms were black t-shirts that were forever getting butter or oil stains on them. The best and easiest solution I found is baby powder! Lay your item flat, cover stain in baby powder, let sit over night, shake out, wash as normal, et voila!

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