I don’t know about you but we have been living in our kitchen these last few month with everything going on. It took me a bit but I’ve gotten into a pretty good routine of meal prep, cooking and baking. I’ve actually surprised myself. Maybe there is a Martha Stewart in this old gal after all. But all in all I’ve realized that there are a few things that I lean on pretty heavily in the kitchen and I thought I’d share my favorite finds here.


One / Kitchen Aid Mixer

I love to bake but I resisted for many years on this kitchen staple. A) it’s pricey and B) it’s bulky. Those were my two reasons for not picking this up until last year. But I have to say — it makes a world of difference in baking. I didn’t want to believe it but it’s true. Everything mixes so well and smoothly and it’s actually a breeze to clean up. If you have been wanting to take the plunge, it’s been a really nice addition to our kitchen. You can find this one here.

Two / Silicone Egg Mold

If this seems random as hell, you’re right BUT this little tool is a life saver. We make breakfast sandwiches a lot during the week and this little guy is so helpful — you just crack the egg inside this silicone mold in a buttered pan. I like to put a tiny bit of water and cover the pan with a lid and cook at medium heat. It keeps the egg in this perfect round mold which fits perfectly on an English muffin or bagel and it doesn’t stick or burn. It feels fancy but it’s so easy. You can find it here.

Three / Cephalon Temp IQ Espresso Maker

Okay so I *just* got this machine but honestly it’s been a game changer. She has fit right in with the rest of the kitchen favorites. I actually think our coffee maker is a bit jealous of her. She is a beauty. So you have to know by now that I love love coffee — like LOVE. Coffee is my love language. This machine is SUPER easy to use. I thought that an espresso machine would be intimidating but it’s not at all. I have yet to mess up a coffee shot. It’s so easy! You can find this one here.

Four / Oyster Wine Opener

I’ve talked about this before but let me tell you — this little tool is an amazing cheap find. It’s not fancy — I mean other than the fact that it automatically opens your wine for you. So…maybe it IS fancy but it’s certainly affordable and again no skill needed. Remind me to tell you about the time I was a waitress in college at a fancy restaurant and I couldn’t use a bar tool to open a wine bottle yet and it was taking me an awkwardly long time that the guy at my table felt so bad for me he opened it himself. YIKES.

Anyways, find this tool + a wine chiller here. And please try to find my dignity I lost in 2006.

Five / Silicone Utensil Set

I love this wood and silicone utensil set so much because it’s so pretty but also silicone utensils are were it is at. We use them for everything and they wash so easily. I like that these are part wood too, they give a real fancy vibe but they are such an affordable set! You can find them here.

Six / Bialetti Moka Pot

If you are not ready to spend $$ on an espresso machine, let me tell you — this guy is your next best bet! It’s super easy to make stovetop espresso or really strong coffee, if that’s your jam. We’ve had one of these for years and live by it! You can find it here.

Seven / Gourmia Air Fryer

This was another popular kitchen gadget that I turned up my nose to for many years. But ya’ll — let me tell you. This is a Quarantine Game Changer. We use this every single day it seems. You can do so much with it but also if you’re sweet baby toddler wants some chicken nuggets quick — this tool is your best friend. We have this one and love it! Find it here. Or another smaller version from the same brand here!

Eight / Reusable Water Tumbler

I’m not that great at drinking water throughout the day and I need to be, so I bought this mug with high hopes. I’m annoyingly picky and prefer my water iced and with a straw SO this mug is perfect for that. If you drink two a day, you’re getting your daily recommended water and bonus — kids love to drink out of it, too. 😉 Find it here!

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  1. Love the Moka Pot! If you want to level up you can get a little milk frother and you are suddenly even fancier!

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