Well it’s official — the dining room is my favorite location to shoot in our house. The office and our dining room get the best light while the rest of our house is a tomb until about 4 pm.  The commute is nice too because I pass by the coffee maker and grab my cup of coffee before I get to work. All in all it’s about a 3 minute walk from my bedroom, through the coffee shop to the dining room for the shoot. I’m not hating this commute at all.

I said this on IG stories today (a Target try on is up!) that I was kinda tired of feeling like a slob kabob and I’m ready to get dressed and ready every day again, regardless of if we are going anywhere. Ironically though when I actually go somewhere like Costco or Trader Joe’s, I wear my yoga pants and a workout top, so going somewhere and wearing a cute outfit is now irrelevant to the point of getting dressed. And what do I want to get dressed in? Summer dresses. Summers dresses and cut off shorts. I’ve fully moved into high summer energy even though it’s still spring because it’s my favorite time of the year. I love dressing easy and summer is where it is at. I’ll post the try on here this week too, but I tried on a lot of dresses from Target specifically for summer. This one was a clear winner — it’s so soft and loose and just perfect for lounging and feeling put together. Plus this is actually a 90’s trend I can deal with. The bucket hats and the chunky Dr. Marten sandals are a hard pass. Like it’s too close to 7th grade, which is still hard to forget. But a babydoll dress? Count me in.

I’m in the large for chest and length reasons but otherwise I’d say it fits true to size! Find it here.

How are we feeling about headbands these days? I’m obsessed. I bought 4 in the last week so yeah, it’s a collection. This one is from Anthro and I’ve had some questions about it — mainly does it give me a headache? Nope! Headache free and cute as can be. Plus it pushes back my grey hairs perfectly. Find it here.

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I’m in the large of the dress! I sized up for length and for extra room in the chest.

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  1. Hi Kendi, thanks for keeping up your regular posts! It’s been nice just popping over here for some lightness and fashion escape. Would you consider doing a spring/summer footwear post similar to the one you did for fall? I’m not the best at shopping for footwear and I love guides that make it easier.

    1. Yes! I’ve been wanting to do one but I wanted to make sure people were up for shoes! I’m on the hunt for sandals anyway so I think I’ll just do it! Thanks for requesting!

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