I feel like I’ve skipped spring completely and moved right into summer outfits. Gotta be honest, it’s kind of my favorite time to get dressed anyways. I just need a good pair of denim shorts + a top + sandals. Easiest outfit combination ever.

I feel the need to apologize for the dark bra + white top. Can I blame the fact that it’s been a minute since I’ve really gotten dressed? Am I out of practice? Have I forgotten all the rules I’ve spent years learning. Possibly. It’s kind of like learning a new language, if you don’t use it, you lose it. But since we are on the subject I guess I’ll take the time to remind everyone including myself that it’s typically not a great idea to wear a darker bra with a more sheer top. Do as I say, not as I do because we all know I’ll make this mistake again.

I will not lie, I got this H&M package in and immediately tossed this outfit on. It’s been hot here so it was nice to get a pair of denim shorts and a pretty top on. Felt like summer time. You can find my top here — it’s selling quickly! I would suggest if you have boobs to size up one. I’m in the medium and find it just a bit snug. Find my top on sale here.

I also sized up on the shorts and support this message. I’m in the 10 and they fit like 8s. But tight. You get my drift? Size up. But overall I love the fit and they are a nice quality for under $20! Find the shorts here.

I’m thinking about putting real outfits on here again. And by real I just mean ‘not leggings’. I think I’m reaching my limit threshold again. I thought the limit didn’t exist but it may, you guys, and I may have found it. Probably gonna get a Nobel Peace Prize for finding the limit of leggings. Not to brag or anything. Let me know what ya’ll think — you ready for real outfit posts again?

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I’m in the medium of the top but recommend sizing up. I’m in the 10 of the shorts — recommend sizing up! I’m usually an 8. Sandals are TTS.

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  1. So simple and so cute! I love the top. I also like the top knot. Does that bobble-majigger make it easier to make a perfect top knot?

    1. Yes!! I honestly could not tell you HOW but I just know it does! I am able to get the knot to kind of be ‘puffed’ up more than I can with just bobby pins + a rubber band.

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