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My gift guides are coming in hot this week and next so I thought I’d start with a Men’s gift guide. Why? Because they are the hardest to shop for in my not so humble opinion. This is not a diss to men everywhere…okay well maybe it is. Look, guys, you’re hard to buy for! What you want you usually already have and taking a guess for someone’s preference can be tough, even when the options are just navy, black or white. So with the help of my husband Bryan, I’ve rounded up some surefire gifts for all the men in your life. Hopefully. Well, we will see. Let me know how it goes on the 25th.*

Also, guys if you’re reading this (you’re not) make a wishlist. I get B to make one every year on Amazon and he loves it and I love it. Wishlists for the win!

Here are all of my picks below! If you want a break down, keep scrolling!


Since this is a fashion blog, I feel like clothing is always my best gift. Plus I love buying a few pieces for Bryan at Christmas or birthday because he doesn’t buy clothes the way I do. (I mean no one buys the clothes the way I do, let’s be honest.) If I know there’s a pair of shoes he’s been wanting (we call it Shoe-mas) then I’ll get them for him or if there are some nice shirts or something along the like, I’ll pick them up for him too. A brand that B has loved recently is a Dallas-based brand called Mizzen + Main. They have moisture wicking fabrics so they are nice for those who tend to sweat a bit more during the day but still need to look office ready. This flannel shirt is a favorite as well as this luxe tee! (J.Crew type sizing but with better fit options. Bryan is in Medium Trim.) Another nice piece is this Bonobos Henley — this is one of Bryan’s favorite tops as it works well with trousers or denim.

Speaking of denim, you can’t deny the power of a good pair of Levi’s. This pair here is Bryan’s favorite cut and it comes in all of the colors. Find them here!

On the cozy front, you can NEVER go wrong with a sweatshirt or a hoodie. Tell me one man that would say no to a hoodie. I’ll wait. This Champion one is actually at the top of Bryan’s list. Champion anything, really. This Amazon Essentials sweatshirt is a great piece that comes in so many colors! Find it here. And of course, a great stocking stuffer — pajama pants. Who doesn’t need some Netflix pants? (I’m leaving out the chill here because this is a family blog, ok?)

I love this puffer coat from Nordstrom. Puffers are in this year so if you’re guy doesn’t have one, this one is a fantastic high quality piece! You can find it here. Or this Patagonia fleece is always a crowd pleaser, no matter what age! You can find this one here.


If you’re guy likes to workout, a new pair of shoes is always a nice surprise on Christmas Day! (#shoemas) This pair of Adidas are some of Bryan’s favorites and comes in a few different colors. Find them here. This isn’t workout related, but these Air Force Ones didn’t make it on the graphic but they are always a great gift idea too! Find them here.

These joggers are a classic and under $30 option! You can find them here. You an also be super extra and give your guy a wearable watch from Garmin. I have one and the tracking is incredible! I also love that it looks like a real watch too. You can find it here.


I mean I think I can speak for everyone — even my 13 year old nephew — when I say: THE NEW AIRPODS. Raise your hand if you would like to receive this as a gift. Exactly. You can put your hands down now.  You can find the new airpods here or the first generation of airpods here! Speaking of first gen airpods, I love this AirPod case holder — perfect to put on your keychain so that you don’t have to keep up with them so carefully. Now you just have to make sure to keep up with your keys. 😉

One of the first things on Bryan’s list this year was a wireless charger. How nice it would be to just toss your phone and instead of hunt for a charger in the dark! You can find this inexpensive one here! Another favorite of Bryan’s, which would make a great stocking stuffer — this iPhone case! The grey is the perfect non-color that will go with everything.


If your guy has a beard, this beard grooming kit would be a welcome find under the tree. (Think about if you found a new makeup brush kit under the tree for you — same feels, different face.) You can find this kit here. Or if you’re guy prefers a clean shave, how about a new razor? This one has amazing reviews on Amazon! Find it here. This didn’t make out on the graphic, but Oars & Alps is one of Bryan’s favorite skincare lines! They sell ‘get to know me’ kits and that would make a great stocking stuffer! (Side note: I use this under my eyes to help depuff — it works so well!) This is Bryan’s favorite Beard Oil too!

Everything Else

I can’t forget the Ugg slippers. I got these for Bryan a few years ago and they’ve been his most loved item, I swear. You can find them here!

Bryan carries all of his stuff — computer, notepads, etc. — basically his mobile desk in a backpack and let me tell you: that thing wears out. I found this modern all-weather backpack that is perfect for the office or travel or even to take the gym! Find it here. And if you’re looking to be super fancy, a nice MCM leather wallet would get you a lot of brownie points. Find it here!

For the coffee lover, a Chemex (basically a pour over method!) and for the beer lover, a growler!


Those are my suggestions — what about you? what have you found to be the most memorable gift you’ve given to a guy in your life?

*Only if it goes well.

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