The Hat is back, baby! If you thought it was a one hit wonder, you were wrong. Do I still feel silly in it? Yes I do. Well, not *silly* but you know — the ‘I’m wearing a hat and I can’t stop thinking about it’ feeling. But I do love how it looks.  So upon my head it stays. (You can find this hat here! Or one from Anthro that I liked as well here!)

Another day, another sweater. From here until March, my friends. Remember in September when we were sweating through the pain saying ‘sweater weather is here!’ But really it had just dipped into the 80s. Now it’s actually cold AF outside and I am like ‘oh yeah, sweater weather.’ No exclamation points for you, November’s sweater weather. But I do have lots of exclamation points for this $38 sweater. You heard me right — $38. A steal of a sweater! It comes in grey, too! I can’t decide which one I like best so I have both 🙂 It’s super super soft, like blanket soft.

You can find this sweater here!

I’ve had some questions about these Gigietta booties. The number one question? WHAT SOCKS DO YOU WEAR? You can’t tell by my photos here (but you can see the full product here) but these shoes have a cut out in the side of the shoe. It’s not super dramatic but it’s big enough dip that you can’t wear ankle socks or no-show socks because yes, they will show. I either go sock-less (gross I know but I am who I am) OR I wear those (slightly) annoying sock liners that you know, slip off your feet. It’s not my favorite answer but it is the only answer I have. These Hue socks are pretty good, but yes they will slip off your feet sometimes. When is ‘sometimes’? Usually when you are running late out the door, while driving or walking to work or while you’re in an important meeting or long conversation and you absolutely can not fix your sock for a really long time. Liner socks: this is why we can’t have nice things.

But at least the boots are cute.

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I am in the medium of the sweater! It fits true to size. I am in the 29R of the jeans. They are a bit short for me but I like this length for booties!

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