Just a few things that caught my eye this week! 

I don’t know why but Anthropologie in the fall is out of control. Right now IT IS SO GOOD. Like every single page has a gem on it. So you know, you’ve got to tread with caution. (They are having 25% off for an undisclosed amount of time…i hate when they don’t say when it ends but just so you know I don’t know.) I love this kimono jacket which I’m hoping is in store because I’m heading there tomorrow and I love this midi dress — both from Anthro!

I actually ordered these flare jeans from Madewell this week and I can’t wait to get my grubby little hands on them. Flare jeans for fall — and beyond of course — yes, please. I love skinny jeans, believe it, but I welcome a new look for denim. Not sure what it’s replacing but whatever it is — it’s out! Flare jeans in! You can find these jeans here. 

Speaking of Madewell because I’m always speaking of Madewell…this bobble sweater couldn’t be any more adorable if it tried. It comes in a few other colors here!

I don’t know if I’ve thought about this before but I love these two burgundy pieces for fall — this wide brim hat and this pair of lace up boots. Now don’t get me wrong, the boots are A MOOD but I love the pop of color and the slight nod to the 90s with the lace up trend. You can find the hat here and the pair of boots here! Both come in other colors as well 😉


Hope you have the best weekend!

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  1. Love that you brought these Friday Night Finds posts back! Also, love that dress… and kimono. Anthropologie is doing some damage to my wallet this season.

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