I am SO SO SO very excited to catch you guys up on what we’ve been up to behind the scenes over here. And truly behind the scenes because I am an old dog with these new tricks and I’m notoriously terrible at sharing our moment in the moment (looking at you Snapchat and IG stories. I’m trying to get better!) If you haven’t guessed from the photos on this post, we are launching an online store and I can not wait to get it live! It is called Everyday & Co. and honestly, it is our best shop yet. (side note, if you’re new here we’ve had two other brick and mortar shops from 2011-2016! It’s a long story but that should catch you up!)

And now for the long winding post. I mean what kind of Kendi post would this be if I didn’t wax poetically for a few more paragraphs, right? Let’s get to the backstory!

Basically, this all started in January of this year, I had 4-month-old Gemma on my lap, sitting in the corner of my couch and there was just this weird nagging in me. Here I have this perfect baby and I’m loving being a mom and discovering everything new that comes with babies but my brain would drift off to la-la-land, dreaming of opening a shop again. (Everyone has their la-la-land / daydream and mine is retail.) This has been so since we closed our brick-and-mortar store in 2016. Retail is just where my heart is happy and I started talking to Bryan about this. The first time I mentioned this, he looked at me like I was an insane person. But he’s really perfected his calm demeanor around me when I mention crazy ideas and props to him. To paint the scene, I had teeny-tiny baby Gemma on my lap, we were sleeping maybe a collective 4 hours a night and out of my mouth comes ‘I think we should do something else…’ Bryan stared at me like he’d seen a ghost. A crazy haired ghost that used to sleep more. But as he always does, he let me get all of my feels out and we just kind of walked away from the conversation. But then in February, I brought it up again. And then in March. And April. And so on and so on forever and ever.

One day while Gemma was napping, I sat down with a pen and paper and drew out the perfect tops, the perfect dress, etc. etc. I am not a designer nor am I an artist so those drawings have since been burned, but it started this avalanche of ideas for this non-existent shop.

We started to really discuss what I’d like to bring to the retail space and we both decided an online shop would be the best for my vision of what I wanted to create. My vision for this shop has come alive over the course of this year, as I look back, I’ve seen my style change and how I like to shop. I’ve been loving finding a more casual side to my style and finding affordable pieces that we can all love here on KE. And it occurred to me, why not create an online shop for your everyday? And I do mean, every day — things that you will want to wear daily and at an approachable price. Think supersoft knits, tees, tunics, dresses that can be worn dressed up or down. (Peep at the rack up there!) A few ‘statement’ tops that are under $50 that are paired perfectly with every girl’s best friend: denim. Dresses that work for church or work or that’s right your everyday life. That’s why we named it Everyday & Co, not only as a break off from Kendi Everyday but our mission as a company is to bring you everyday style at approachable prices.

I wanted with all of my heart to launch tomorrow but with just a few more kinks to work out, we are going to launch Monday, August 27th! I am SO Excited! I can not wait for you to see what we’ve been working on! But until then, we will be getting everything ready to go!

You can follow us and see some sneak peaks throughout the weekend on Instagram here!

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August Capsule Wardrobe

Each month I create monthly capsules out of my favorite pieces, perfectly curated for each month.

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  1. Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing what you have when the site launches! 🙂

  2. Congratulations, I can’t wait to shop! And please tell me that striped shirt you’re wearing will be available because I need it on my body.

    1. It will be available in the Everyday & Co shop!! It will be $34 I believe!

  3. This is so exciting!!! I would love an affordable everyday clothing store that isn’t old navy or target!

  4. Yeah!! As a long time reader through both shops I’m so happy for you! and I look forward to shopping the collection because the colors on that rack look a-mazing 🙂

  5. oh my gosh! I’m so excited!! And the fact that I don’t live in Texas makes me super happy that your shop is going to be online and I can shop there 🙂 I can’t wait to see what you pick and place an order (or few) from you! Congrats from NYC!!!

  6. Yay! When/if we move somewhere I can wear normal clothes again (my ‘everyday’ is very different from most people’s), I will be an Everyday shopping machine. ’til, then, I will window (screen?) shop madly


  7. CONGRATULATIONS KENDI!! This is such exiting news. I was just thinking about your shops earlier this week as a coworker and I were discussing our favourite types of posts from bloggers and I had referenced your behind-the-scenes of your last brick and mortar shop. I can’t tell you how inspiring it was to hear about building the brand and shop. Even if it didn’t have a fairy-tale ending like some would expect, your openness and honesty is what has kept me as a loyal reader all along.

    Can’t wait for the shop to open next week!

  8. Kendi & Bryan – Congratulations on your new venture!! We never know what you’ll do next. But we wish you all the success in the world with your new “shop”
    Love you Becki & Ron

  9. Well. Oh my. If that top you’re wearing is representative of the pieces you’ll be selling… count me in. xx

  10. SO exciting and excitED for you! Will the shop be size-inclusive? Please oh please…

    1. We will have sizes through 12 when we first launch but will be receiving more styles in more sizes mid-September! Some vendors didn’t make the ship date in time for the launch, but they will get too us soon!

  11. Congratulations! And would you also have clothing for babies? My LO is just a few months older than Gemma and would definitely buy some of the things Gemma wears!…. Even Mommy & Me stuff would be nice! This is me day dreaming 😉

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