Kick Flare Jeans

I’m no stranger to a kick flare denim for spring. I’m gonna take you back to spring 2016 when I first discovered a kick flare; which to be frank feels like ages ago because last spring I was the lead conductor on the maternity jean train. All aboard for that stretchy middle panel and questionable fit. Anyways, I was really sad (edit: not that kind of sad, more dramatic less sad) last spring when I couldn’t bust them out again because I loved them. I’m still not back to those original ones but I found a lovely pair at Madewell that will fix my kick flare craving this spring. It’s such a fun shape and fit. Sometimes you’ve just got to break out of your same day, same jeans habit. These are perfect for that. I feel like I’m wearing full flare denim but without all the drama. You can find these jeans here or more sizes here!

I know what you’re thinking — ‘damn, Kendi sure loves florals these days.’ CORRECTION: I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED FLORALS AND I CAN NOT BE STOPPED. Spring just brings out the worst in me when it comes to my floral obsession. Someone mentioned a floral couch they saw the other day and I was just wondering where we could put it and if I could find a matching top to go with said floral couch. It’s only a problem if you admit to it.

This floral top I had in my cart during the Shopbop sale but never pushed buy. Then I fully regretted it. I do this a lot with things on sale. But I know that if I regretted it, then I must have really loved it, so I picked this up at Nordstrom. Not one regret. It’s such a fun, spring top and works lovely with a cardigan over it too. If you were wondering, this one goes with this perfectly.

You can find this top here!

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Editor's Notes:

The background to this top is navy if you’re curious! Navy and not black, sometimes it’s hard to tell via photo. Fits true to size, and hits me a little bit shorter than my hips. The jeans fit a little bit loose, so I sized down one.

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  1. Such a darling top and love those jeans!


    04.25.18 · Reply
  2. Natali says:

    I call this a perfect Springtime uniform!
    Love your cute, floral top!

    04.25.18 · Reply
  3. Julie says:

    Spring is my favorite season to buy clothes and dress for. (open toed shoes & sandals, color, and florals have my heart) You are consistently killin’ it this season. Please stop posting all the cute things so I don’t wanna buy all the cute things 🙈😉 I love this look! (and your style – mommin’ looks so good on you):) Have a good rest of the week!

    04.25.18 · Reply
  4. Mireia says:

    Absolutely love it!

    Mireia from TGL

    04.25.18 · Reply
  5. 04.26.18 · Reply
  6. A very nice and cool outfit with these jeans but also a beautiful top and perfect mules 🙂

    04.26.18 · Reply
  7. Nice sunny look and a great combination of colors.

    10.02.18 · Reply
  8. Anna Neumann says:
    02.11.19 · Reply