I can’t even explain to you how windy it was in these photos. I thought for sure they would be unusable but I actually found a few that worked! The other ones I look like I’m on the set of Twister and I’m yelling to Bryan to leave me and take cover. And no, you can’t see them. Pride wins today, my friends.

So this is a weird shirt. But TWIST — I actually love it. It was one of those ‘this is either going to be really good or really bad’ kind of online purchases and I think it turned out really good. It feels like a vintage blouse or as I told Bryan — I kind of feel like a substitute teacher in it. He asked if this was a good thing. I told him I can’t explain high fashion to him, we don’t have the time. The only thing I’m sad about is that the wind was so wild that the shirt got a bit twisted in the photos. Between me trying to keep my hair from blowing away while balancing my precious coffee, the shirt got a bit untucked and twisted. So if you don’t live in a wind tunnel, you’re gonna be good with the tuck on this shirt.

(I will say to stay true to size or even size down if you don’t have a long torso. I have a long torso so I stayed true to size. I wish it had like 1 -2 more inches on it, but that’s me with most tops. It’s pretty low cut but if you size down, you should be fine! Or toss a nude cami underneath. Also this top is VERY nursing friendly! You can find this top here.)

I am still loving these Madewell Roadtripper jeans. Some of my very favorite. I think I’ve mentioned it before but size down at least 1, perhaps 2! You can find these jeans here!

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If you ever wanted to know my coffee order, it’s 5 shots of espresso, a splash of 2%, extra ice and 2 pumps of whatever they are calling liquid sugar these days. Yeah, 5 shots. Don’t @ me.

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  1. That windowpane print is classic. If I wore something like this, with my short hair, I’d look like such a soccer mom. But you make it look fresh and modern. So wear it for me. Wear the hell out of it.

    P.S. Please send the sun to Pittsburgh!

  2. I’ve been loving all of your casual jeans outfits lately! Just the right combo of “put together” but “not fussy”.

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