I posted about this dress last month in my favorite finds for January and it’s even better in person. Don’t you love when that happens? I thought that the stripes were black but they are actually navy, which is such a subtly spring color combo. This is my go-to look for a date night — we are more casual these days than I’d like to admit when it comes to dates but that doesn’t mean I can’t throw on a cute dress with some heels no matter where we are going.

I know it seems a little random to throw a bomber jacket on such a feminine dress but when it works, it works. We are moving into that transition season of dresses and jackets AKA my favorite time of the year — until fall when I say that exact sentence over again. I like that this bomber jacket is delicate enough to go with a dress but can also work as a weekend jacket over a tee with sneaks. Double duty is where it is at.

Speaking of date nights, I’ve already told B my plans for Valentine’s and it only involves pie. Our local pie shop comes out with new flavors in February and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t count down to it. Okay, okay he is invited too, but there better be pie.

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Let’s see — everything is fitting pretty true to size here! The jacket is slightly oversized but is meant to fit looser, so size down if you run on the smaller side of the size range. This Greylin dress is true to size! And fully lined. #praisehandemoji

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  1. Is it sad that my initial reaction after reading this post was “why doesn’t my town have a pie shop?”

  2. First, I want to say this outfit is so cute on you. I was the same way about wearing sneakers as casual wear but now that I am no longer working full time and spending more time running errands. This style really works for me now. But I refuse to pay over $100 on tennis shoes or fancy leggings from Lululemon like my 20 yr old daughter does. Although, their stuff is very nice, I have found great deals on cute leggings at Target and TJMaxx. And I strongly agree with always wearing a longer top! Advice from my daughter “Might want to try wearing black socks with your black sneakers next time

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