Last Minute Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas


I don’t know if I’m alone in this but stockings are sometimes the first thing I forget about and the last thing I remember when it comes to gift giving. And the worst part is I actually love stocking stuffers! I love getting the stockings ready and I love having a stocking to open on Christmas morning. Stockings are like the dessert of Christmas Day, just when you think it’s over there is a stocking with your name on it. But not only do I love surfing stockings for Christmas Day with my family, but I also love to stuff a stocking with a lot of little gifts to give as a present to friends! It takes care of the gift and gift wrap all in one. And my favorite place to pick up lots of little gifts to give? Oh, you know where. Target — that’s where. Where else but our best friend in store form?

Since I’m very, very last minute with stockings I wanted to put a post together for my fellow procrastinators with a few stocking stuffer gift ideas! A few of my favorite stockings to give are below!

Last Minute Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas

We will start with my husband, who is the also a stocking stuffer fan. I like to get small things (and random) and one really nice thing to put in his stocking. For example, he’s been wanting some wireless headbuds so I placed them aside for his stocking. Then I filled the rest with candy, a bar kit, a Rubik’s Cube and a Tile Key Finder. I actually find the more random the gifts, the more fun and unexpected it is for him to open.


Last Minute Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas

{featured: Captain America Toy, Lego Toy Littlest Pet Shop, Shopkins Toy, Hammond’s Peppermint}

We don’t have kids yet, but I do have an abundance of nieces and nephews that I love to spoil come Christmas. For gifts, I usually spring for their favorite new toy or a cool pair of sneaks for the nephews but stockings are extra fun because I get to be a little kid again and pick out a few small toys to give. Plus candy. You can’t not give candy canes.

Last Minute Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas

{featured: Keychain Tassel, Nate Berkus Wine Stoppers, Threshold Trinket Dish, Hand in Hand Soap, Plaid Scarf}

I always like to listen to my mom when we go to Target together and hear if she likes something specific but doesn’t want to buy it for herself. I picked up this scarf she liked as well as a few trinkets for her new house. Simple and small, but meaningful stuffers are perfect gifts for mom or a friend. (Both this one and the one below could work for a friend or a co-worker as last minute gift ideas!

Last Minute Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas

{featured: Pixi Pallette, Hammond’s Peppermint Lollipop, Vaseline Lip Therapy, Merona Socks, Nate Berkus Candle, Hand in Hand Soap}

For my sister, I pulled together a few thing that I know would brighten her day — a pretty candle to relax by, festive socks to wear around the house, lip balm and a nice new makeup palette! She is always buying for everyone else and sometimes passes up makeup for herself, so her stocking is well stocked with little pretties to make her day.

PS: You can get your gifts from Target by 12/23 if you order by tomorrow afternoon! And if you are super last minute, (I mean, really we’ve still got 5 days, right?) remember that you can alway buy online and pick up in-store if you have one close by! I use this option a lot if I’m running low on time or let’s be honest — I’m feeling lazy.

What are you favorite stocking stuffer traditions or gift go-to’s? I’d love to hear them! You can check out a few other influencers’ ideas for stocking stuffer here!


*This post is brought to you in collaboration with Target. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog!

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  1. Pretty pictures and cute picks! Hopefully none of your family will stop by the blog and see what’s in their stocking before Christmas 😉 I got the same plaid scarf for Christmas and I love it! Merry Christmas!

  2. I love all of these ideas. My husband is a huge stocking person but he prefers them filled with the most random things you can find. So he gets lots of travel sized items, pez, small gift cards with random amounts, and candies. I like the idea of having one “big” thing in there. Thankfully I picked all his little stuffings up at Target yesterday.

  3. i think we are skipping stockings this year, since we recently welcome our first little one and money is a little tight.

    but the 1st year the hubs + i were together, money was also tight, so we each took $10 and went to the dollar store, picking up fun goodies for each other.
    that became our tradition each year — dollar store only for the stocking!

  4. Target just cancelled my order for my daughter’s Christmas present. Two days before Christmas! I ordered boots online earlier this week and they ran out. There’s no time to find another pair 🙁

    Sooo frustrated.

  5. Hi i am fashion blogger and i love your theme and images which is very beautiful i deeply loved them, thanks for share your experiance with us.

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