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During the holiday rush, I find myself reaching for two things for myself: very dressy or very cozy. Lately it’s been the latter, especially in the from of jackets or coats. I found this wrap around coat at Old Navy and it was immediately what I was looking for. (I’d say the weight of it is more jacket like than coat.) The more layers, the cozier, the better, my friends. I also love playing on holiday colors, typically red and green, this year I’ve been feeling evergreen and blush. Somehow still holiday, but a bit refreshed. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself. 
It’s nice to pick up a little something to when you are running around finding gifts for your loved ones. I try not to go too overboard on my ‘treat yo self’ gift, but I thought a cute jacket coat would be perfect. I’ve already opened the gift and I loved it. 
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*This post is brought to you in collaboration with Old Navy! PS: today is 40% off with code GIVING!

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37 Responses

  1. I love these colors together! What color tissue turtleneck do you have on here? I see there are a couple different pinks on the jcrew website and I can’t decide which one you’re wearing!

    1. I know! 🙁 We have it easy here in Texas until around January. Chicago you’ve basically got to wear a thermal sleeping bag. (Or at least I did when I visited. But I’m a wimp so…)

  2. I really love this coat! it looks so cozy. and the combination of the light pink with the dark green is really, really pretty.

  3. Love that color combination! Plus the green coat is perfect for the holidays. Win/Win. (and I almost just typed wine/wine — cause apparently that’s what I’m in the mood for!)

  4. I have that ON coat and the jeans! Well, I have like 3 pairs of those jeans. They are perfect and so comfy!

  5. Beautiful coat and perfect setting to show it off!!


  6. On the OldNavy website the coat looks more olive green. Is that the same color as the one you’re wearing or are there two different green colors. Just wanted to check before I ordered online (avoiding all malls this close the holidays).

  7. Kendi! Beautiful as always! I fell in love with this coat right away and had to order it! Even though I’m in So Ca., we do get our chilly evenings (35º last night!) and have worn it to a couple holiday parties so far. Was warm and received numerous compliments! Thank you!

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