I’m not even going to ignore the fact these shoes have glitter and pom poms. That would be very wrong of me not to just jump into this post without stating the obvious gloriousness of these shoes. And they are comfortable. I am not making this up. Glitter, poms, comfort. What in the heaven, Kate Spade? What in the absolute heaven. If I were a shoe, I’d love to say that I’d be a classic black pump — classic, timeless, one for the ages. But, deep down, I know I am not. Instead I’d be the glitter bomb of a heel that is this Kate Spade beauty and then I’d go and add a feather pom pom on top because I am just that much of a lush. And then when I grab everyone’s attention (rightfully so, I’m glittered and feathered), I’d look right back at you like what are you looking at? This is me in shoe form. Sparkly, feathery, and completely unapologetic. 
Of course to pair with sparkling dream shoes, one must find a dress of the same caliber. This dress is one of my favorite silhouettes from Kate Spade. I love the big full skirt and the fitted waist. And it somehow works without feeling too over the top. Of course with pom pom shoes, I’m way past over the top.
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  1. SHUT UP I NEED THOSE SHOES! Omg I’m dying over here. Love this whole look…but dem shoes!!! *swoon*


  2. I love all of this, so much! It’s such a frothy, girly, party time explosion of an outfit. Amazing!

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