A few weekends ago, B and I headed out west to take a quick weekend trip to Vegas. We are not strangers to Las Vegas, as most of our shopping for the store happens at the largest women’s market there twice a year. But we tend to stay at the same places every time, going to our same familiar restaurants and staying as far off the strip as possible. In other words: we are Vegas’s worst nightmare. 
So when we were invited by Caesar’s to stay at their newest boutique hotel, The Cromwell, we didn’t bat an eye. We needed to get out of our comfort zone and try something new. The nice thing about The Cromwell is from the moment you step inside, you leave the rest of the strip behind. It’s quiet, it’s posh, it’s almost like stepping off the busy streets of New York into an exclusive hotel. I felt immediately at home, which is always a rare treat with hotels. 

Over the weekend I got to check off a few of my items I’ve been wanting to do in Vegas: a wine dinner at Giada’s (this is bucket list worthy), riding the High Roller and learning how to actually gamble, which was not crossed off my list because as it turns out I’m a terrible gambler and card game player. I got lost halfway through the instruction from a Vegas pro. Lesson learned: Don’t trust the girl who always looks confused, she is not bluffing but actually blundered. I would 100% recommend taking the High Roller at sunset– it’s kind of like the London Eye; a large ferris wheel that takes you high above the Vegas skyline. It’s the best way to see the city and the desert. Just perfect. (Also, I was too mesmerized to grab photos while up in the High Roller, so you’l just have to trust me.) 
If you are looking for a nice little getaway, I’d happily recommend The Cromwell. Perfectly located and the nicest way to enjoy Vegas without all of the crazy. So nice and cozy, it was a welcome escape at the end of the day from the all of the excitement outside. I’ll see you again soon, Cromwell. 
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