Besides NYE all of our holiday parties are fairly casual this year. At friends’ or families’ houses or a familiar restaurant, so my holiday outfits aren’t too over the top this year. I’m not one to shy away from over the top, but you know, sometimes you just want to be comfortable while celebrating. (I feel like 3.5 months post-partum I have full permission to go a bit more casual this holiday season. And maybe go casual forever now? Permission to always wear stretchy velour leggings for all holidays now that I’m a mom.) So when I saw this feather sleeved sweater I was like — that’s THE ONE. That’s the one that looks like I’m putting in the most effort in but really it’s just a fancy sleeve sweater and velour leggings underneath. That’s the genius of this holiday look — this sweater is doing all the work. It’s holiday festive with just the right over the top. It’s not as  WOW as a feather lined dress like I’ve worn in the past, but it is just the right amount of festive. Feathers are the new sequins, don’t you know? I paired it with these under $50 velour leggings and if this isn’t the most comfortable holiday attire, I don’t know what is. (Currently hiding an elastic waist. No shame in my stretchy pants game.)

This sweater fits really big. I would definitely size down and if you’re petite, maybe size down twice! I thought it would be more fitted as it was on the model, but the fit is much larger than I expected.

I pulled out my YSL from last winter, as it’s such a winter/holiday purse. I think it’s the gold that just makes any holiday or winter outfit sparkle. I’ve had a few people ask me about this bag on IG and so I thought I’d give a quick review. This is the YSL Large Monogram Satchel and let me tell you,  it has held up like new. Now I don’t carry it as much as my Chloe Marcie Satchel or Givenchy Antigona because in my head it’s a heavier look or more holiday look so I keep it around for the winter months. Perhaps that’s why it feels brand new because I don’t use it or wear it multiple times a week all year round but if I did, the quality is there. The leather is structured and holds it’s shape perfectly; I store it in the dust bag it came in on my shelf with some light tissue paper stuffed inside to help keep the shape. It has plenty of room for my wallet, phone, keys, makeup, etc. The straps go from long to short, so you can carry it under your arm for a more clutch-like look. It’s a lovely purse if you’re looking to invest in a YSL. I find that I reach for it more in the winter months, but black is year round and always a classic! I tried to answer most of the questions I’ve received from IG on this bag! If you have any others, just leave a comment or message me on IG. 🙂

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Size down one on the sweater! The leggings fit true to size. #stretchypants

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  1. Lady in black … love ❤️ that cute beautiful knitwear sleeved sweater & festive look! You are looking stunning top to bottom! Really love ❤️ it! ❤️👍🏻

    1. Hi! No this was not a gifted or sponsored product and anything that is given to me will always be disclosed. It is just one of my favorites that I had received a few questions about so I wanted to share my thoughts for others who might be interested in investing in a bag like this. Thanks!

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