I gave way too much thought to buying overalls this year. So much that I can’t even go there with you. I don’t even think there was a particular hang up about them, I just couldn’t decide to overall or not to overall. Then I found these skinny overalls at Madewell, took a chance and tried them on and loved them. Maybe I was just waiting for the Mr. right overalls, not mr. right now.  Or maybe I’m just super ridiculous to have given overalls so much thought. 
No that can’t be it. But overall, these are hands down the cutest I’ve tried on over my short journey to finding the perfect pair. 
It’s Friday and I’ve got a girls weekend ahead of me. Meaning these overalls are headed to a wine bar because, well this is 30 — twenty you’re in a short dress, by thirty you are looking like an adult toddler and giving no cares. Party on. 
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25 Responses

  1. LOL, I think overalls should be given a lot of thought, because too often they are just not a good look, unless you are painting a house. But these are working, the skinny style is much cuter than the giant, borrowed from your grandpa style that was in when I was in grade school. This is the grown up version, and I like. Very cute. 🙂
    Have a great weekend!
    xx -kim

  2. Proof that overalls can look amazing and not make you look like you’re reliving your glory days of middle school. Part of that might be because both of your straps are hooked…oh and the killer heels.



  3. I can’t fault this outfit, the overalls, the striped top, the cardigan (I heart the cardy) and the bag. I want this outfit!!! X x

  4. Love the overalls, they look amazing on you! And don’t worry, I have the same problem with them. I don’t know if to overall or not!! I might try those from made well since they look amazing on you. Love the pocket details, and how you paired them with a long card!

  5. Perfect pop of red with that bag Kendi! I feel like after so many years of following you, I pretty much know you ha! Isn’t funny this blogging world? Also, it’s fun seeing how other blogger’s styles evolve

    Anna // Happy Medley

  6. Kendi, I spend an unreasonable amount of time wondering what ever happened to your infamous red heels. Do they still exist? Will they ever make an appearance again? Please update us as to their well-being/ demise.

  7. Love the overalls on you, you look smokin’! Never underestimate the power of overalls, that’s what I wore when I met my husband! Am actually on the lookout for a new pair, and really like the look of this one – how do they fit? 🙂

  8. “Meaning these overalls are headed to a wine bar because, well this is 30 — twenty you’re in a short dress, by thirty you are looking like an adult toddler and giving no cares. Party on. ”

    This is my mindset and I’m 25. Also, wine bars are the best

  9. Love this pair! I’m still searching for the perfect pair myself!

  10. I’m that chick who whined about no sunnies link on your previous post 🙂 I see them on this one, so no harm, no foul.

    I don’t really know how to use that expression.

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