Well here is something I never thought I’d say: I was so excited to find these little black flats. Not heels. Flats. For someone who wears heels 87% of the time, the fact that flats are exciting me is big. But lately I’ve been running around trying to get everything done and flats have been my go to. I’ve just about worn the sole out of this pair of Vince flats I got this spring, so I thought I needed to invest in a nice black pair for fall. I picked up these Ivanka Trump ones and just as I suspected — they were a perfect fit. I even wore them all day the very first day I got them and not one blister — and this never happens first day with flats. I mean, I was about to buy a lottery ticket I was feeling so lucky. So meet my new black flats, they are excited to join the team.
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  1. I love this look for two reasons- first, obviously its real cute. Full skirt and black and white? Its like my own closet, but better. Second- I love this look because its so relateable. Usually fashion bloggers are just all about upping the anty and trying to outdress themselves- but this look is so down to earth and practical while still be aspirational- I love it. Its refreshing!


    1. I agree — I LOVE the colorful ones (hell I bought one with a cat on it) but I get the most use out of my neutral colored bags, hands down. I think once you have your neutrals down, then go for color but neutrals will always get the most use.

  2. I’m pretty equal opportunity when it comes to shoes! Glad you’re giving flats a chance 🙂 Also, I have that skirt. Thanks for reminding me I should wear it again.

    ~Sarah of Sarah’s Real Life

  3. Hey Kendi,
    I’m a big fan of your style and have been following you for many years. Today I blogged about the denim skirt trend and used one of your images from pinterst on my entry. If for any reason you don’t want me to use the image please let me know 🙂 Thanks for sharing your classic style!


  4. You had me at shoes that didn’t try to murder your feet the first time you wore them. Shoes that fit well are a rare treat — treasure them 🙂

  5. Huge ginormous yes to that look! 🙂
    Love me any kind of stripes but esp. vertical! Fresh <3
    I would pick flats over heels any day (even though I am a huge stiletto lover!
    Your Ivanka Trump ones are gorg!
    Aww so so happy I stumbled across your blog!
    As my nana would say, not just a pretty face lol – so refreshing to read a good writing!
    xox Nadia

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