Today I saw leaves fall from a tree, which was an unexpected sight to see in August. They had turned brown and were falling just as if it were autumn. B reminded me that they were actually just burned from the heat and falling because they were dead. But before he crushed my dreams for a quick second it felt like fall. It was cool out and the leaves were falling. Granted this was at 7:30 this morning. BUT I’m going to pretend for now it was a sign of an early fall. Excuse me while I go put my boots and jacket on…and then immediately take it off.
Speaking of fall, we launched a few new styles for fall at West & Lou this week. (AKA this pretty little red number.) It’s my favorite time of the year at the store. Fall styles, leaves a-falling, I mean…give me a pumpkin spice latte and I will be in autumn heaven. 

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  1. Kendi, two questions. First, is your dress a true red or an orange red? Second, the link for the shoes calls the color cognac, but they look nude on you. Were your shoes called cognac? Great look!

    1. It’s honestly hard to tell — I feel like its more of a poppy red instead of a red red. But I don’t think it is a full on orange red. Red is such a hard color to show online! I hope that helps :/ And the shoes — they are actually more of a nude color. But yes the ones when I ordered said cognac and this is what showed up on my door!

  2. I can so totally wait for fall to start, but I understand how magical and hopeful a moment that must have been, seeing the leaves slowly fall to the ground in cool weather.
    Love this super bright red dress! Such a beaut but so simple!

  3. When I first read the title of the post, I was like naah – not ready for fall yet. But clicking the link open, I really liked what I saw. If autumn will look this good, then I’m definitely ready for the change of seasons!

    I simply love the vibrant colour of your dress! Also, I’m a great fan of the “denim jacket tied on the hips” look.

    Love from Helsinki! xx

  4. Love this color!!! I’m so ready to fall wear!!!!! (although this summer has been very mild where I live so I’m not complaining LOL!)

  5. This is so beautiful! And I love that you are doing your own modeling for West & Lou. Congratulations on how far your blog has gone so far. I can’t wait to keep following and see what’s next!

  6. That pretty little red number is a stunner, girl! I checked out West & Lou – wow! Totally up my street! 😉
    I am also very excited about the fall.
    I am so following you on every possible social platform, cos you are awesome 🙂
    xox Nadia

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