Well I’ve decided that if I have to embrace winter again I can at least do it with a spring palette. It’s the only way to get through the last of winter. Of course I’m not mad at a pink coat. Who could be upset when they get to wear such a pretty hue? 
Oh look, it’s my girlfriend jeans again. (Which I think we all decided on as a good name for them, yes?) They are so comfortable and like all good denim, the more I wear them the better they fit. I think I said this before but I’m new to this brand, Kut from the Kloth, and I am now a believer. I’m actually kind of eyeing this pair for spring. Not to get ahead of myself though, since I’m in a coat again. We all knew this Texas girl’s luck with winter would wear off eventually. And by winter I still mean above freezing. 
But barely…okay? I am (admittedly) such a wimp. 
(pretty alternative blouse here or here!)

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56 Responses

  1. What size are you wearing in the coat? I love it but one the fence since it is an oversized style!!

  2. So after your first post about these jeans I bought a pair, and let me just say they are amazing! I am new to the brand but I absolutely love how they fit and I love the price of them! By the way this outfit is to die for! So pretty and springy!

  3. I love this look! And appreciate the different price points you gave for the blouse looks.

  4. I need you to stop looking so cute because my Pinterest board makes it look like I'm weirdly obsessed with you. BUT I HAVE TO SAVE ALL OF THE OUTFITS.

    ~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life

  5. Love the palate! The blouse I love and the pink is so soft is almost becomes a neutral. Love it!

  6. love those jeans! and yes, girlfriend is a totally acceptable term. let's just never style "dad jeans." cuz i've seen my dad wear jeans, and it ain't pretty! ;P

  7. Love the colour combination here. The colours in your blouse are beautiful and they flow well with the dusty pink coat. Your jeans are stunning on you. I've never tried girlfriend jeans before. You look amazing!

    Lorna Mai Blog

  8. How do you like the Rebecca Minkoff bag? I've been looking at that one for quite some time, but I'm indecisive towards the largeness.

  9. yes obviously we must be want warm outfits in winter season i also looking new fashion trendy outfit in this comming winter season.

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