Snowy Day Ombre

We didn’t think it would happen this year but we finally got our half inch of snow. You should see the mini snowmen I’ve built. I know you’re impressed. It’s just one of my many hidden talents of mine that you didn’t know existed. 
Just when I think I’m done with coats, the winter weather checks me. That’s alright because it just gives me a reason to show off this little ombre number here, which I can’t believe I haven’t blogged before. How have I been holding out on showing you this coat?? This winter is just doing us all some favors because I get to wear one of my favorite coats again and share it with you. 
I’m actually pretty thankful for this winter weather lately. It’s kind of slowed everyone and everything down here which I needed to happen. (You’ve probably noticed I’ve been a bit behind on posts. Sorry! Sometimes life takes priority over outfits.) After going to market last week in Vegas for West & Lou, all of the work seemed to pile up in nicely, unorganized piles on my desk. So these past few days have been slow and steady catch up days. Feel free to keep snowing and icing our little world over, weather. I’m just almost caught up. (…and then after I get caught up on work I could really get caught up on my TV shows. So I say let it snow!)

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  1. Kimberly Ann says:

    I would've loved the Tx snow today if my office had closed! Haha unfortunately I had to go out in it. I love the coat!

    Kim .. All about Adsense?!

    02.25.15 · Reply
  2. Bethe Wright says:

    Agreed – I'm loving this DFW snow! It's an excuse to stay home and cuddle with my toddler and work in my PJs while sipping on coffee. Maybe I should move to Boston with their 100 feet of snow. Nah…

    02.25.15 · Reply
  3. Mel says:

    Your coat is beautiful! Love the hat

    02.25.15 · Reply
  4. Krista says:

    LOVE your coat! I've loved this weather, mostly because it allowed me to only have a 3.5 day work week. WIN.

    02.25.15 · Reply
  5. Love that coat! Gorgeous.


    02.25.15 · Reply
  6. Love the sweater. Gorgeous lady.


    02.25.15 · Reply
  7. Lauren S says:

    Fabulous photos. Love the hat!

    02.25.15 · Reply
  8. fashiondiariesbyk says:
    02.25.15 · Reply
  9. Stephanie says:

    Gorgeous coat and kudos to you for hoofing it in heels in the snow:)


    02.25.15 · Reply
  10. lavieenliz says:

    love the ombre coat! so cute

    02.25.15 · Reply
  11. Natali says:

    Your outfits have been flawless and so inspiring lately! LOVE this coat and the shoes are to die for!

    02.25.15 · Reply
  12. Kelsey says:

    Looking fabulous (as per usual)! What nail color are you wearing here? Love it!

    02.25.15 · Reply
  13. rhiannon says:
    02.25.15 · Reply
  14. Berty Morales says:

    Gorgeous and those heels are amazing!

    Berty Morales
    Mad For Fashion For Less
    To read more about this Latina fashion diary visit

    02.25.15 · Reply
  15. Nikki says:

    love that hat!

    xx nikki

    02.25.15 · Reply
  16. Caitlin Hummer says:

    Gorgeous coat! I love the way you styled it to make a full ombré outfit! Good luck with catching up on work/tv/life itself 🙂 sometimes snow days can be such a blessing!
    xo, Caitlin

    02.25.15 · Reply
  17. Elizabeth Hawn says:

    love your coat and hat! great look

    02.25.15 · Reply
  18. 02.25.15 · Reply
  19. Love the coat, bag, and shoes!

    xo, Irina |

    02.25.15 · Reply
  20. Maria says:

    Great look again! And I'm always amazed at you going sockless^^ I live in my warm Timberlands or knee-high boots, fleece-lined tights and extra warm socks during the winter (but then again, I bet German winters are a lot colder than those in Texas 😉

    02.25.15 · Reply
  21. Kayla says:

    This is perfect!!! I love everything about this outfit!

    02.26.15 · Reply
  22. Summer Smith says:

    That coat-oh my gosh! In love!

    xo, Summer

    02.26.15 · Reply
  23. Kate Khavari says:

    Slush never looked so good! I love this fab coat! I'm over in Arlington and this weather is making my head spin, hopefully the temperature mellows out soon.

    02.26.15 · Reply
  24. Dana Mannarino says:

    This ombre coat is everything. Oh my god.

    Pink Champagne Problems

    02.26.15 · Reply
  25. Megan says:

    I love that coat! We had it at the store I work at & it flew!!


    02.26.15 · Reply
  26. Sarah H. says:

    Life takes priority over outfits?! I've been doing life all wrong I guess. 😉 GREAT coat. Glad it got "cold" for you.

    ~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life

    02.26.15 · Reply
  27. Adore this outfit! And your hair looks amazing. I can never seem to have my hair looking good under my hats!

    02.26.15 · Reply
  28. This look is gorgeous! What a coat! BB Dakota does it again.

    02.26.15 · Reply
  29. Abbey says:

    I hardly ever comment, but I have to say that this is hands down my favorite look on you I have seen yet! Tens on the board all around!

    02.26.15 · Reply
  30. Kayla D says:

    This ombre coat is perfect! Love it!

    Eat Play Dress

    02.26.15 · Reply
  31. Lauren says:

    haha I was feeling the same way about Dallas. I thought since we were in the 70's, we were good to go! But oh well…I'm ok with the cold 🙂

    Dressing Dallas

    02.26.15 · Reply
  32. Jennifer Ashley says:

    I love the ombre effect on your coat. The floppy hat is adorable as well!

    Jennifer Ashley

    02.26.15 · Reply
  33. Mica says:

    That coat is so cute! It's good to see the positive side when the weather doesn't do what we expect near the end of the season – more cold weather means more times to enjoy our winter wear, like you've found with this coat! 🙂

    Away From The Blue

    02.26.15 · Reply
  34. this ombre coat is amazing and you styled it perfectly in this post. just lovely!
    love, liz

    02.26.15 · Reply
  35. I love your ombre coat


    02.26.15 · Reply
  36. where was this outfit last week before LFW?! It is perfection! Chic and warm, it's what we need here in London xx

    02.26.15 · Reply
  37. Miss J. says:

    That ombre coat is amazing! So cool!

    02.26.15 · Reply
  38. That ombre coat is everything! I guess we have to thank the snow for giving you a chance to rock it.

    Princess Audu

    02.26.15 · Reply
  39. Heidi D. says:

    You look so pretty in these pictures! Love the coat and how you highlighted the look with the nude bag and heels. Gorgeous!


    02.26.15 · Reply
  40. mybeautrip .com says:

    Love the coat and the combo. Great!

    02.26.15 · Reply
  41. Kelsey Wilburn says:

    that coat though! so fab!

    02.26.15 · Reply
  42. Great way to wear a ombre coat! Gorgeous look!


    02.26.15 · Reply
  43. I am so jealous you can still wear heels when it snows. *sigh* We just got 3 more inches and that was a light snow! lol Looooooooving that ombre though – so gorg!

    02.26.15 · Reply
  44. Caroline Johnson says:

    So pretty, i love that coat!

    xo Caroline

    02.26.15 · Reply
  45. SAUL says:

    The ombre coat is so fun! Love how you've styled it.

    02.27.15 · Reply
  46. jiturka says:

    The coat is adorable! Even though it has basic colours, it's so not basic 🙂 My feet would freeze in those shoes.

    02.27.15 · Reply
  47. Ana says:

    Gorgeous! I love this look, especially the shoes and coat. I wish I could pull off wearing a hat like that!

    02.27.15 · Reply