As it turned 10 pm on New Year’s Eve, my friend’s husband turned to our group of friends and asked everyone ‘what’s your new year’s resolution?’ I drew a blank. I hadn’t really thought about it until that moment. Then I started internally freaking out. I always have a resolution. ALWAYS. Why did I not have one this year? Had I given up? Is this the end of my ambition??

Then I realized that maybe I’m just content with where I’m at in my life. And that’s not a bad thing at all. I’m happy with my career, I’m happy with the shop and my blog. I mean sure in the realm of new year’s resolutions I feel like I could always eat healthier, work out more, etc. (More on this later this week.) But overall I’m happy with where I’m at.

I’ve also given up on trying to be organized — look if it hasn’t happened by thirty I think we can all agree that I’m just a messy person who just might possibly thrive in piles and mini messes. “So I’m content?” I thought to myself. I guess that’s fine. But surely there has to be something I can fix, right?

After a small airport delay and long flight back home, I had some time to think. Airplanes are good for thinking. It’s weird how being trapped in a small area with a bunch of other thinking humans creates good head space. Same with coffee shops — give me a crowd and I’ll give you fluid, lucid thoughts. Anyways, after thinking for a bit I came to the conclusion that perhaps I’m content with being content in where I’m at in my life. But maybe there is something to a resolution elsewhere. One thing that I started this blog for was to find my style and every year it never disappoints me that I see my style grow and change and it feels more and more like me. But maybe this year instead of trying to set the same goals for myself that I set every year, maybe I should try something different. I started thinking about where I wanted my blog and style to go this year and before I knew it I had four new style resolutions on my plate.

A few style resolutions for this year:

1. Don’t be afraid to be afraid. Let’s be real: it’s the internet and sometimes the internet can be — well, frank. And sometimes when one tries something different or new or maybe perhaps even weird, the honesty of the change and the frankness of opinion can be stifling when moving forward with a change or hell even a mistake. But the trouble with that is that after a while, what once worked becomes bored and done. Different can be off-putting sometimes and the hardest part is sometimes things work and sometimes they don’t. But I never want to get to a place where I’m afraid to try. Sometimes I can talk myself out of trying something new because I don’t want to face negativity. This year I don’t want to be afraid to try a new idea or style or anything that comes to mind. (Within reason of course. Sometimes your gut just knows you shouldn’t wear that outfit.)

2. Style more. I can be lazy when it comes to my own closet and getting dressed everyday. For a solid blog post? Sure, I can put a great outfit together but sometimes on say a random Tuesday I feel lost in my closet. And the difference between a great outfit post and a random Tuesday is effort. I will put effort in when I know we have to get photos. But other days, I get lazy. That’s when my mind drifts to crazy ideas like I have nothing to wear. But I notice that if I just spend a few extra minutes — and I mean like 20 like not just 5 — if I give myself more time in the mornings, I can put together a killer outfit for the day. But style takes time and effort and sometimes I choose to be lazy and I waste a great opportunity to style myself. Nope, no more. Not this year. I want to use every piece in my closet to the fullest, let no difficult or boring piece go unworn. I don’t challenge myself enough to find more ways to wear a bold piece or a well worn piece even more ways. This year more styling, more trying different ways. If I bought it, it needs to be worn in many ways. And if a piece can’t be worn many ways, it’s a one note style and then maybe I should think twice about it and pass.

(Although I stand strong on my decision to buy a tulle skirt. That skirt has multiple notes, I can tell.)

3. Be bold. I know that this sounds exactly like number one but it’s different, I swear. I don’t mean be bold in the sense of brazenness or craziness but in maker bolder choices in what I buy and wear. To put a little Solange in my step, you know? This year I want to be a bit more colorful, more patterned, more playful. Who cares if no one has done it before? Try something new and be bold. Dressing bold doesn’t have to mean crazy, it just means a stronger step in the right direction of one’s style.

4. Invest right. Someone asked me a few posts ago if I ever had buyer’s remorse when it came to some styles I purchased in the last year. I thought about it for a second and a few pieces came to mind immediately. I am definitely a much better shopper now than I have ever been before — I know what styles fit me, what size works and doesn’t, which stores are best for me, etc. But this year I want to make sure that I’m investing right. That it’s not a panic purchase, but something that I can and will wear for many seasons to come. Denim, shoes, purses are all items I’ve invested in really well in the last year, but I think I can really take a step back and make sure that every piece I invest in will earn it’s place in my closet and leave the one notes behind.

What about you? Do you have any style resolutions coming to mind?

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  1. Kendi,
    I love everything about this post! This is exactly why I come back to your blog every single weekday: because I just find you to be such an authentic and fascinating woman! Not to mention incredibly stylish too 😉 I am so happy that you are at a point in life that you truly feel content. I've been following your blog for years, so I know things haven't always felt that way for you, and I'm so happy you're at such a wonderful place of contentment in your life 🙂 I hope that 2015 is a joy-filled and successful year for you, Kendi!
    Warmest Regards,
    Cynthia at http://styleneverstops.com

  2. Hi Kendi, thanks for a great post. I am right there with you about being more daring. I used to find fashion so much fun, I never could understand why anyone wouldn't want to play!. But now I am starting my career and in the morning I just want to look like I have my shit together at work and in grad school. So I basically just wear a uniform type look, boring young professional, absolutely nothing daring, mostly out of fear that my supervisors will question my professional judgment. It's a real fear! Especially in the midwest where people do not always understand fun/unconventional fashion choices. But this year, my goal is to change that. And I am in such a sad rut that it's probably going to have to begin with baby steps. Today I am wearing two new bracelets that I've had for a year and never worn. Even though i have all but stopped trying to look cute…. i have continued to shop! I have never even worn about 50% of the clothes in my closet! What can I say, I'm an American woman, I guess. This year, my goal is to find a comfortable, unique, work appropriate style. I am going to accomplish this by doing one thing 'differently' every. Single. Day. Such as wearing one previously unworn item, or tying my scarf differently, or pairing two acticles of clothing that have never been worn together. This will be challenging but I am excited to see what the year will bring – for you and me! Thanks for a lovely blog- I've been following for years and always enjoy reading it!

    One time a fashion editor said something along the lines of, "Women who truly love fashion are obsessive. They aren't necessarily the type of people to wear a entirely different outfit every single day. They are the type of people who get so obsessed with one piece that they want to wear that one piece every single day – because it's perfect and SO RIGHT NOW."

    How completely true. Hopefully this year we can mix up our favorite obsessions in new and creative ways! Cheers!

    Best regards,



  3. Love these resolutions and I'm so happy to hear them! My style resolution for the year is to actually get dressed more. I work from home and it's so easy to get lazy about putting on real clothes, but without a doubt it always makes me feel better to put in a minute of effort. Also, I'm trying out the capsule wardrobe for a season, to see if it meshes well with my life. I'm excited to focus on intentional purchases the add to my wardrobe, rather than things that are trendy or that I'll never wear.

  4. I agree with you!! Lately I've been all about impulse purchases, and let's say that I tend to buy clothes I don't actually need and end up regretting my lack of basics on my wardrobe. This year I will make an effort to save for basics and good quality pieces to make my style stronger!!
    Thanks for the great post! Will keep in mind your tips x

    Fabi | http://www.agirlandherstripes.com

  5. Great thinking with the capsule wardrobe….maybe this would work for me too?!

  6. I think a good style resolution is to dress for yourself, not for others. What makes YOU happy is most important, everyone else be damned. I live in NYC and my girlfriends are impossibly stylish, and while it's amazing to be inspired by them, sometimes I forget what makes ME happy when it comes to clothes. Or I'll think that every single brunch has to feature a crazy risk taking outfit. Sometimes, simple is more chic. (Related- why did the word "basic" become so negative this year!? I happen to like basic!)

  7. Girl I try to look like I have my shit together daily, so I'm rowing the same boat with you. I do think there is something to a uniform though, there is some genius to knowing what you want to wear everyday and letting that be an easy part of your life instead of a stress. I think you're right — baby steps and accessories are a great place to start mixing it up. But honestly don't worry about supervisors or others judgement. I used to be extremely self-aware and if someone even blinked my way I cringed thinking they were judging me or my outfit. But now I just think if someone looks me up and down they could, yes, be judging me harshly or maybe they just like my shoes. I like thinking about it that way much better. Then I turn it around — I do this to women I see all the time, because I like their outfit. It's subconscious, I'll look someone over and probably because of my chronic bitch face I look judgey but really I'm just cataloging their outfit for later use. (I do try to smile though. CBF is real and scary.) So don't worry about judgement, unless your sitting at your desk completely nude, then there is probably no judgement there. 😉

  8. You know what? I hadn't really thought about it or compared this new year to others but you are right! I haven't always felt this way. I was kind of feeling lazy because of my contentedness but you've got a great point. Thanks for the perspective! And kinds words 🙂

  9. I've never really been afraid to wear something. When I worked at a certain company, I would be consistently written up for not wearing your basic, boring suit. You even had to wear your jacket to the bathroom for fear of being seen without it. What kind of life is that? No way. No thanks. These days I do sorta push the envelope at work (when, like you said, I actually TRY in the morning). But I can now, or if I can't, I do it anyways. Whatevs, Haters gonna hate. But for this year, my style resolution is to definitely make mindful purchases. I was supposed to do that last year and yeah…didn't work out so well. I have quite a few clothing regrets. I'm trying to really hone in on my style this year and be true to myself!

  10. I feel you!! It is very difficult to get dressed when you work from home, so good for you! While it's a dream to work from home in your pjs, I always get way more done when i put heels on. Even if I'm just sitting at my desk. Strange but true. 🙂

    Also yay for a capsule wardrobe challenge! I used to do them regularly and they really did change how I saw style and have helped me ever since to really think about my closet as an asset instead of a bottomless barrel. Best of luck!

  11. Meredith, hi!!! I missed you when you were in town 🙁 I think I had to run to the bank or something when ya'll came in. Anyways you are impossibly stylish too! Don't forget that. Or that leopard coat. Not everyone can pull off a leopard coat.

    Back to your comment — yes, dressing for yourself. That's hard sometimes for me because my life is essentially online open and ready for review. So I feel like my brain is now wired for conversation about style and open for opinions, which I like but I also think I can forget that I exist in there somewhere too. Such an interesting though. I like that resolution. Might steal it from ya 😉 Also, I'm basic till the end. PSL fo life.

  12. I can't wait to see the outfits you put together this year! You inspire me to try new things with my clothes & think out of the box when putting together outfits. Thank you for that & for being you!

    xo Kimi

  13. Thank you for taking the time to reply to my comment! That totally made my day! It was like hearing from a celebrity. I might even have squealed like a 10 year old girl, LoL 😉 But in all seriousness, I really admire you, and it really made my day that you not only read my comment, but also replied to it 🙂 Wishing you all the best!

  14. My goal is to continue working toward being less critical of myself and my outfits. So what if it's not perfectly matched? So what if I wear the same sweater two days in a row? There's nothing wrong with having a signature look.

  15. Great resolutions! I'm seeing more and more posts pop up about styling more, or using what's currently in your closet more. I'm the same this year with choosing to remix what I have and not buying anymore. Because of this, I'm finding I'm not getting lazy either. I can't just go and buy something else because I can't be bothered to piece together what I have.

  16. Love your resolutions!! I definitely want to style more like you said, especially for work. I get in a total rut of wearing the same things all the time- my work "uniform" I call it- and the rest of my clothes get neglected. I'm challenging myself to use my whole closet this year 🙂

  17. my resolution was to watch more movies 😀 But for style, I'm taking more risks, too — today i'm wearing a chambray polka dot button down, camel/white stripe sweater and leopard shoes. It's whacky, but I like it….and I did bring another pair of shoes to change into incase I changed my mind when I got to work 🙂

  18. I especially love the last one — it's so much more satisfying to have a closet full of pieces you love, than a larger closet of pieces you're not sure about.

    Here's to a bold 2015. 🙂

    Always, Anita

  19. Wow really inspiring blog and great photos! Keep up the great work! 🙂 I'm a fan!

  20. I don't have a style resolution but you inspire me to have one. I see styles I really like but I don't take the time to put them together. I type this as I sit here in my sweats because it's cold outside and I wanted to be warm. Reading your 4 points made me think of this quote by Benjamin Mays I keep in eyesight. "It must be borne in mind that the tragedy of life doesn't lie in not reaching your goal. It lies in having no goal to reach. It is not a calamity to die with dreams unfulfilled, but it is a calamity not to dream. It is not a disgrace not to reach the stars, but it is a disgrace not to have any stars to reach. Not failure, but low aim, is the real sin." Be blessed.

  21. Thank you for this post, Kendi! A lot happened in 2014 for me in terms of my professional life. I transitioned from student to work life and now live in a new country and a huge (and expensive) city. Since I'm client facing, it's important for me to wear quality clothes, but I fall in the trap of "shouldn't I be saving for rent?" Invest right is key and I've bought that sequin skirt and that cropped top that I will only wear once. It's something I recently shared on my blog post too… Thanks again for the post! x


  22. I love your resolutions!! I'm a chronic over shopper and there are too many items in my closet that I dont utilize enough. Im in the same boat with not putting enough effort in day to day. Im a nurse, so Im in scrubs 3 days a week and on my off days I find myself wearing lazy outfits, and I need to step it up. Im excited to see you style items different ways. Thats always been a favorite thing to look for on your blog!

  23. Thank you, your kind words made me smile. 🙂
    We were sad to miss you, but I'll be back for sure!

  24. I'm excited that you want to be "more colorful" this year. I love how you style color! My style resolution is to make no purchases this year unless they are basics that I NEED – so that I can step back and see what I wear most, as well as learn to use what I already have. (which means I probably shouldn't follow your blog this year, because I've purchased so many items that you feature. I'm not sure I can be strong all year:) but, I'm gonna try:)) Also, I enjoyed your practical skincare post – thanks! One more thing: I miss you not using your "what I'm buying" board on Pinterest as much. The sizzling reviews were really helpful! Happy New Year!

  25. *sizing reviews. Silly spellcheck! (I suppose some of them were sizzling too though…) baha!

  26. strong as in following your blog, but not purchasing. there's a big difference:)

  27. Love reading style resolutions from the reigning queen (basically.) I'm going to be in 3 maybe 4 weddings this year, so because I'll be buying a few dresses there and spending some serious $$$ to travel, I'm kinda trying not to buy any clothing this year. So I love what you said about taking time to style yourself more- this is SO TRUE. I even quoted it on my blog. Thanks for sharing!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

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