This outfit is a basic combination of needing to run errands and also needing an outfit post. The solution? Comfy sneaks. I’m really into the fact that sneakers are chic right now. You know I love me some heels but at the end — or well beginning — of the day, sometimes comfort just wins. I’m also realizing this as we start up our new shop (website / announcement coming this week!) Standing in heels all day I’m sure is not good for your bones, ligaments and whatever else is in my leg parts that I don’t know about. I’ve never asked a doctor because basically I don’t want to know. Ignorance is bliss with shoes. Whatever I’m doing to my lower half of my bottom in exchange for feeling taller and looking cute, I don’t want to know. But what I do know is that running a million errands in heels is just not going to happen. Sneaks it is. Chic sneaks for life. 

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  1. Such a great look. I've got a comfy pair of black Nikes that are my go-to shoes. Heels are fun, but I'm all about the sneakers! 🙂

  2. I absolutely love this outfit! I have some NB similar to yours and I am OBSESSED!

  3. Super cute shoes! I am going on vacation soon and need a good pair of sneakers i can walk around a lot in. I think these may be the winners!

  4. Can we talk about hats? I love them! I buy them! But then I don’t know where to wear them to. Grocery
    shopping? The mall? The office? To go eat tacos? I am usually
    pretty confident in my style, even when it gets a bit out there, but there is
    something about hats that I always end up leaving them as I am heading out the
    door. Anyone have styling tips? Who cares about the stares tips?

  5. I think it's fun to mix sporty and girly together, especially when you want to look a bit nicer when you run some errands! I loveeee that baseball cap!! I feel like in the last few months, I've just found this love for ball caps!

    xo Jackie

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