I’m off to New York this weekend to cover a few shows for my friends at Old Navy, so I think I had cooler weather in mind when I wore this outfit. Does that happen to you — when you are packing to go somewhere you already think you are there? Happens to me all the time. I go to cooler weather all the time in my brain…and then I step outside and remember I’m still in Texas. Nonetheless I can still pretend it’s fall and wear fall colors. (Camel is having a moment right now. This might be foreshadowing for a post next week.) And I love a pop of lip color when I wear neutrals. It makes the whole outfit just pop. I usually hit up an orange-red lip but this is a new to me shade from Smashbox — very vibrant and very red. (This shade is aptly named ‘firecracker.’)
Guess what? Smashbox wants to give away the same lip look that I’m wearing here (in your shade preference of course)! After years of perfecting lip color, they are now perfecting the shape with their Be Legendary collection. Leave a comment below with the hashtag #SHAPEMATTERS to be eligible to win a ‘Be Legendary Lip Lacquer and Always Shape Lip Liner’ duo. You can also go to #SHAPEMATTERS site and upload a GIF and a selfie to their site and they will donate to the Look Good Feel Better, an organization dedicated to helping those undergoing cancer treatment to look and feel the best they can. 

*this post is sponsored by Smashbox in partnership with Refinery29. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog!

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  1. I'm obsessed with this outfit! I was just about to resell a pair of leather shorts, but I think I may have to keep them to try out a similar look! #SHAPEMATTERS

  2. This is probably one of my favorite outfit of yours! I love how effortlessly chic and put together you look. I got those shoes from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and think I might need to recreate this look asap! if only it was cooler here in Chicago! #SHAPEMATTERS

  3. I was just looking at these photos thinking, "Girlllll how are you possibly wearing a sweater (albeit beautiful) in this stinkin' heat!" Perfect pairing with the leopard pumps and red lip. I find that colour palette (camel, leopard, red) always looks so put together #SHAPEMATTERS

  4. lip color always matters and shape def matters! so glad to see bold lip colors on you #shapematters

  5. And now I need a camel sweater, leopard shoes, and that shade of lipstick to go with my new black skirt. Bright lipstick is my jam and the right shade can make an outfit. πŸ™‚ #SHAPEMATTERS

  6. I've been dying for a new lip color! Fall is almost here and I need some change! #SHAPEMATTERS

  7. Finding the right red is such a struggle, and then applying it is a whole different can of worms! You nailed it here. #shapematters

  8. Love the look, as always, dear Kendi. I hope you are having a blast at NYFW. How exciting! #shapematters

  9. i find myself always wearing pinks but i love the red! looks amazing with the leather shorts #shapematters

  10. I'm totally using this sweater shorts combo next time it gets a bit cooler! #SHAPEMATTERS

  11. Love the lip color! I don't normally wear lipstick, but tempted to give it a try… #SHAPEMATTERS

  12. I'm in a major rut in the lip department. It's time for a refresh! #SHAPEMATTERS

  13. #SHAPEMATTERS…lips do make such a difference. I find even if I don't have time for makeup, if I slash on a great lipstick…I still look relatively put together!

  14. Have fun in NYC – home for me! I'll be at a few shows this weekend as well…that lip color looks great on you! #SHAPEMATTERS

  15. It is a little itchy, tbh. I didn't mind it but if you are sensitive to it then maybe find another less itchy option πŸ˜‰

  16. The first thing I thought about when I saw the photos were – I love that lip color!!! So juicy and fresh. #SHAPEMATTERS

  17. #SHAPEMATTERS I would love to have a new lip color to try out! The tutorials on the shapematters site were actually super helpful – I need to try out the "balancing" one since my upper lip is smaller than my lower.

  18. I've been itching to sport a bold red lip. Your neutral outfit with pop of lip color is just the inspiration I needed! #SHAPEMATTERS

  19. I just recently learned how to make lip liner work under a good lipstick and now I'm obsessed. Don't judge, who knew liner is the key?! Would love to get my hands on some snazzy new smashbox items for fall! Thanks for being an every day inspiration! #SHAPEMATTERS

  20. I used to shy away from brown because i thought with my brown hair it was just too much… brown! But I've since realized how wrong I've been. This sweater looks great on you and the red lipstick is a great touch. I might have to copy you for an upcoming fall look πŸ™‚



  21. I've always been nervous to try a bold lip, but I think I could work a berry hue for the fall #SHAPEMATTERS

  22. Gorgeous look! And that lip color is so fun! I'm happy the cooler temperatures have hit Minnesota. I've been ready for sweater season for a couple of weeks now. Bring on the cozy tops and spiced drinks!

  23. Love the lips! I want to be bold enough to do something like that – it looks so so good.

  24. I'm totally vibing towards bold lip, relaxed eyes this season! #SHAPEMATTERS

  25. You look beautiful! I would absolutely love to start wearing lipstick more! Such an inspiration #SHAPEMATTERS πŸ™‚

  26. I have been wanting to try out a bright lip! #SHAPEMATTERS
    have a great time in NY

  27. I feel you with wanting fall weather and fall clothes already… alas, not to be for a few months yet. #SHAPEMATTERS

  28. The colour of the sweater goes perfectly with the leopard shoes, and love that lipstick on you.

  29. I love your style and your outfit! I am especially obsessed with your sunglasses! I've been trying to find a cute tortoise frame like those!

    I hope you have a wonderful day!
    Much love, Joycie

  30. You pull off that lip color so well! #jealous #looklikea3yearoldwhenIapplystatementlipstick #shapematters

  31. #SHAPEMATTERS Love the lip color! And I totally know what you mean. I want to wear my fall colors, but even here in Upstate NY, it's still too warm!!

  32. #SHAPEMATTERS I really like that lip color! I also like the camel and leather, great combo!

  33. Dear, are you doing okay. I sense a lack of sleep and a little stress. I have a gift in reading people. XO

  34. #Shapematters That color looks great on you! The leather shorts and leopard are also pretty wonderful.

  35. This has inspired me to bring out my leather shorts this week! Wouldn't hurt to have some new lip color to start off the Fall with #shapematters

  36. My favorite thing to wear these days is a classic red lip #SHAPEMATTERS

  37. it's humid and in the 80s on the east coast..really hope you're not going to wear sweaters in this kind of heat…

  38. Love the red lip color with the classic combo of camel, black, and leopard! #SHAPEMATTERS
    fastfrugalfashion.blogspot.com Best, Valerie

  39. I sure hope Texas gets the memo soon that it needs to start cooling down! Also, if you are in the market for some great Fall accessories, you should check out Stella & Dot! Stelladot.com/alyssahammond

  40. wish I was bold enough to sport that red lip! looks great with your coloring #SHAPEMATTERS

  41. I cannot wait to start wearing deep red lipstick with knit sweaters and ankle booties this fall! #SHAPEMATTERS

  42. I am wearing deep red lipstick today for the first time and I'm loving it! #shapematters

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