I haven’t done a ‘weekday to weekend’ post in a while and I thought what’s better to do that with than a maxi dress? A summer staple for me as it’s one of the easiest pieces I have in my closet because of it’s double-duty styling. It can easily go from weekday to weekend night, in this post’s case. I know typically I go casual for weekends but I thought it might be fun to do a date night inspired look instead. Plus it gave me an excuse to force my husband on a date. Win-win situation here.


Since it’s not sweltering here just yet I like to have some sort of jacket for during the day, even in the summer and especially if I’m working in the office or at a coffee shop. We like to run our A/C high here in Texas and plus I love a good denim jacket + maxi dress combo. It’s a new classic in my books.

Get the Weekday look: 



Just as a side note: the dress combined with ‘ I need photos for a date night’ totally worked. B took me on a date right after. There is magic in a black maxi dress, I’m telling you.

Get the Weekend look:

Trouve Heels
Sarah Briggs Cuff (c/o)

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57 Responses

  1. I love black maxi dresses and the way you switched yours from weekend to date night was great. Perfect heels for both. Also…your hair!! It's black! Love it – I dyed mine black during spring + didn't regret it at all. πŸ™‚

  2. I love this look Kendi! I do something similar myself. A question about the feed though, did something change? I read your blog through feedly and suddenly the posts are truncated. πŸ™

  3. A black maxi dress is one of the most versatile items in my closet. Loving both looks

  4. Sometimes I truncate the really long posts, like this one or my travel ones because of all the photos and then I'll truncate archive posts. But I haven't thought about it through Feedly, I'll take a look! Thanks for letting me know πŸ™‚

  5. Oh love it, Kendi! How on earth do you get your hair in a bun? My hair is about the same length as yours and you officially have me mystified haha!

  6. I was just about to ask! No one else was commenting about it so I thought I was crazy, but it looks really good!

  7. Hi kendi! Stunning look! How is bloom doing? Are you and hubby working other jobs since bloom left or both unemployed. Just curious.

  8. Love how you styled the dresses to make it both casual and dressy!


  9. Love these looks. Can you share where the belt is from in the weekday look? Always looking for a good belt- and that looks great!

  10. Ha! Wellllll… the trick is to not look at the back of my head because it's bobby pinned to the max. I basically pull it up in a high pony tail (as if my hair were long, sigh) tease, and coil it around and pin. I let what doesn't reach the bun fall out (mullet hairs) and then I try to discreetly pin them up as much as possible. I'm sure it looks like crap in the back but from the front it looks like a real bun πŸ™‚

  11. This one is from bloom (my old shop) but the brand is Blakely, if that helps your search! I linked a similar one above from Asos, as well.

  12. Thanks! Maybe we should start a trend of a bun with the mini mullet hair just hanging in the back. Or maybe not ha. A girl with mini mullet hair can dream

  13. I just ordered that dress because you convinced me how versatile it is, plus you look so cute in it! Thanks πŸ™‚

  14. Love that you partner with/wear such affordable brands. I just can't see another $200+ maxi dress! Thanks for keeping things normal, Kendi!

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