Lately I’ve been looking for ways to make my outfits easier, so I’ve been very drawn to neutrals. Like VERY drawn. It’s all I want to wear. But so I don’t get bored and you don’t get bored, I try to add a little bit of pop to it. My go-to pop of color is red, poppy red to be exact. So when Motorola asked me to design a new Moto X phone using my personality (which let’s be honest is all over the place), I decided to go neutral but with personality: military green, white, and you guessed it — a pop of red.

I decided to put a whole outfit together with my imagined phone. This is my perfect Kendi on a Tuesday outfit — phone in hand, lips painted red, stripes, military green, heels I can’t afford (we are pretending so it’s cool) and olive nails. Neutral but bold. Business but a little bit of party. Right up my alley, no?

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Brought to you by Motorola Moto X: Thousands of combinations. Design yours.

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  1. Girlfriend, were sisters. I wear that skirt with leopard heals all the time (Target version).

  2. Love this idea of presenting outfits! Very nice mix&match with a pop of red, perfect!

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