B and had plans to get up and finish our shoot for the online shop this morning; 8 am I woke up, ready to go. But after a series of unfortunate events (like dropping a computer on your foot, spilled coffee and 90% humidity), we both decided that today was not going to happen. You can’t force a Monday, that I know. So we are back at home with nothing to do but nap. I mean it’s Labor Day after all — why would I want to go and ruin it with hard work?

Here’s to lazy weekends and naps.


top: similar

shorts: similar

tote: madewell

booties: anthropologie

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  1. I like how you layered the necklaces! Can you please tell me where the monogram necklace is from?

  2. Hello Kendi! I've finally built up the courage to contact you! I've been following your blog since I was a Junior in high-school. I am now a Junior at Savannah College of Art and Design! Time has flown by and I am still such a devoted follower of yours. I've loved everything about your blog since day one! You're style is just "sensible". You understand what looks great and why! (I know I'm sounding weird by now but I promise I'm not!), haha. You've inspired me in so many ways and I hope to some day meet you later down the road. Just thought I would drop in and let you know.

    Thank you for being such an inspiration!

    Sara Spicer.


  3. I mean you must have a holiday.. how else to celebrate than wearing white and taking a nap!

  4. Enjoy your lazy day! These pictures are gorgeous, the lighting is just perfect!

  5. Oh sorry about the computer, but napping sounds like the perfect plan! And oh no! Mondays are so not meant to be forced. Adore these pictures, the way the sun is coming down on you is just breath taking, love this easy casual look done so perfectly right!

    Cee. β™₯
    Code Overdressed

  6. "You can't force a Monday"… wish I would have realized this earlier! This light is gorgeous and you look beautiful Kendi. Enjoy the extra rest day, it'll all work out!

    Chelsea & The City

  7. Ah these photos are beautiful! The lighting is perfect, and so is your top-knot.

  8. My husband and I had a pretty similar day. I ate some cake. I hope you enjoyed cake too.

  9. Cute outfit. And yeah for giving up and calling the whole day off. There's always tomorrow.

  10. I love your look! So classic. πŸ™‚ And I'm sorry about the unfortunate events D: But lazy days are still lovely, too!

  11. Not the best way to start your days but it's nice that you guys had a chance to go home and relax. Great casual look by the way.

    Don't forget to stop by and say hi and link up Thursday for my weekly tres-chic fashion thursday link up.



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