So I have been hunting for a good grey tank for a while now. They are actually harder than you’d expect to find. Maybe it’s my strict criteria: it has to be flowy, not clingy, soft fabric and the right length, which for me means really long. I always joke that I have the body of a dachshund, but it’s kind of true — except for the short legs part. And the not being a human part. Plus, dachshunds are my spirit animal. 
Back to my tank mission after that weird side story: I figured out why a good tank is hard to find — because they are typically tucked in with the basics under all of the flashy things for the season. I was just perusing Gap the other day and as always had my grey tank search on high alert. I found it right as I was about to walk out hidden on a bottom rack, as if they were not important. The thing is a grey tank (or white or black — whatever your favorite neutral is) is everything. You can layer it, wear it alone, pair it with hard to wear skirts or pants — have nothing to wear? Through a tank and a blazer over it with skinny jeans, heels and go. All of that possibility in a $24 tank. That is why I’ve searched high and low. A good basic is hard to find, my friends, so when you do find a good one buy it. You will thank me many outfits later. 
And now you are all required to tell me your spirit animal. It’s only fair.


top: gap
jacket: old navy
skirt: loft

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  1. Mine is a rabbit! Because I can twitch my nose like a bunny. πŸ™‚ And you're right, good quality basics are hard to find!

  2. I guess mine has to be a dog because my life also revolves around sleeping and eating πŸ™‚ Why is it always so hard to find basics. I remember looking for a black skirt one year and it took ages.

  3. Dachshunds are so cute, just like you, I can't believe you say they are your spirit animals, that's the funniest and cutest thing all at once! Your outfit almost fooled me, I actually thought it was a cool fleece dress, so glad you found your grey tee, makes a great basic and looks perf in this sporty chic look!

    Cee. β™₯
    Code Overdressed

  4. Haha every time I visit your blog I get a good laugh out of it! Plus your outfits are always super cute! πŸ˜‰

  5. I love dachshunds! I also love your hair. Would love to know how you get it to stay in that pretty loop up top!

  6. According to the survey I took, I'm a swan. :p By the way, those tanks are on sale for $10.00 right now. Can we say "stock up"?

  7. I live in tanks. I own like five white tank tops of varying styles (some lace camis, some A-line style that look almost like men's ribbed tanks, some plain white, a few ivory, etc and so forth), three black tanks, and my fall wardrobe basically does not exist without layering my mustard yellow or pumpkin orange tanks underneath whatever else I'm wearing. I have a suuuuuper long torso and itty bitty widdle legs, so I tend to keep tanks on hand to peek out under my shirts… otherwise my shirts are way too short to be appropriate at a job where I have to bend and reach all the time.
    I keep tanks for EVERYTHING. So I feel you there.
    And yeah, usually your best bet is to start digging in folded piles underneath something else. That's where I always find the good stuff.

  8. Love the gray on grey thing, you've got going on. I myself wear way to much grey – but I just love it so.

    When it comes to spirit animals everybody always tells me I look like a cat – and I guess I act like one too sometimes.
    "Pet me, don't pet me, I'm hungry, look at me, love me, why aren't you petting me?" πŸ˜‰

  9. Pretty sure my spirit animal is a zebra. I love black and white, and stripes.

    Also, those tanks? On sale for $10 today? YES PLEASE.

  10. I don't know about my spirit animal. How does one find this information? I DO know that I am officially on the hunt for the most comfy tees to layer in A/W!

    xo Ashley


  11. Cute outfit- love the combination of (literally) soft grays and denim! My spirit animals are squirrels and sea otters. πŸ™‚

  12. Oooohhh, this outfit is just amazing. I love that skirt. And I really don't know which animal is my spirit animal. But I promise I'll think about it.

  13. I love this look! It looks very effortless and simple but very chic! Love it!

  14. I love this casual yet put-together look. I love your Target shoes, too. I recently bought a pair a grey ones for a touristy trip to San Fran and they were so comfy (featured today on my blog!)

    Katie :: http://www.classicwithatwist.me

  15. I agree a basic tank is a must. Mine is a grey one too. My spirit animal I think it would be a siberian husky.

  16. A lab is probably my spirit animal: Athletic, goofy, eager to please people and give and receive love. Totally me!

    As far as tanks go, they are NEVER long enough. NEVER. I am 5'7, but have my mother's 6'0 torso (we've measured, not kidding). When you go up a size, they get WIDER and not LONGER (and bigger arm holes because obviously a size increase means double the chest, amiright?). Who designed this? Probably a man.

  17. "Dachshunds are my spirit animal"

    And this is the line that has me laughing and almost in tears in the middle of my quiet college library.
    Oops. Worth it.

    Also Gap is A+ for basics, so it's no wonder you found your perfect tank there! Our Gap closed, so the nearest one is about 20 miles away, but the trek for Gap alone is so worth it.

    And I am now determined to find my spirit animal… The quest begins.

  18. I am a big fan of discovering and embodying your spirit animal. Mine is a fruit bat, most definitely.

  19. I fear I'm an Afghan Hound. I've been told that's my spirit animal a time or two by my family. How embarrassing, right?

  20. Check H&M… just found saw some flowing tanks on Tuesday!

  21. My senior year me and the other swim captains made the entire team do a guided meditation to find out what your spirit animal is while we were waiting for our coaches to get there before a meet. Mine's a fox.

  22. Well let's see: I'm short, and sweet tempered, and curvy and have great hair… I am so a pony!! I'm okay with that πŸ˜‰


  23. Basic pieces are amazing. I had a perfect white tank top that disintegrated along the seams after eight years of consistent wearing. I can't bear to throw it out, so it's living in the back of a drawer still.

    My spirit animal is an avocado.

  24. Yes! Grey tanks=totally important. I found my grey tank soul mate at Target. We've been happily devoted ever since.

    Spirit animal? Someone once told me that my eyes look like a shark and a deer's combined. Which created a very scary image in my head but I said "thank you" (??) anyway. I'm probably a Lab…goofy and spunky but loving and eager to please.

  25. Whoa, my body is actually like a dachshund's. No exceptions in my case: long body, short legs! What's even more hilarious is that dachshunds and basset hounds are my boyfriend's favourite dog breeds, apparently because they're funny looking. Damn, I think you've just revealed my spirit animal!

  26. Tanks are 10.00 right now. Go get a price adjustment on that tank. 24.00 is rip off for tank. Cute outfit, love the shoes with the skirt.

  27. My spirit animal is a mocking bird – mostly because I love to sing and use lots of different voices, make up words to songs for my kids, and just generally always hum and/or sing throughout the day.

    I love that skirt!

  28. I'm going to say my spirit animal is a manatee. Super jealous of their chilled out lifestyle.

  29. Today, I feel like my spirit animal is the Scapegoat! πŸ™‚ This outfit is positively adorable. I need it. Now. I'll just blame you.

  30. Spiritual animal has to be a pug ; )

    Seriously…who wouldn't want to be a pug?


  31. I think I'm oddly shaped panda bear or a grey hare, if you must know! πŸ˜›

    (I do like that jacket.)

  32. My spirit animal – definitely the dachshund! And I'm not being a copy cat:) That popped into my head as I read the first paragraph. I'm not the only one!

  33. Flamingo. Loner, looks good in pink, has a bad wheeler (stands on one leg more than the other) but likes to fit in with the crowd at parties! Yup, a Flamingo! PS – adorable outfit for a dash pup!

  34. I totally get you on this tank situation. When you find the perfect one, everything just is right in the world. And I would have to say my spirit animal is 2 Chainz.


  35. i have been wildly obsessed with gray lately. which is probably partly because my spirit animal is a pigeon. obvs.

  36. My spirit animal must be a peacock. I have the ugliest feet ever on a woman.

  37. I always have the hardest time just finding t shirts that I like! So I totally know what ya mean! Love this outfit, I would live in this ALL THE TIME! Have a wonderful weekend!

  38. good tanks are hard to find! my favorite grey one is actually a liz lange maternity tank from target. πŸ™‚ it's long and the cut is nice (i too need really long, as i am tall, but have a super long torso and short legs). this look is so simple and beautiful on you, kendi!

  39. I really love this combination of clothes ! Your blog is amazing I often come to see the new posts πŸ™‚

    I'm a young french girl and I recently started a blog with my best friend. If you have the time please come to see it and leave us a comment it would be great πŸ˜€

    Good luck and wish you the best !


  40. Love your blog! My spirit animal would have to be a wolf. Greys, blacks, and other neutrals are forever my favorite, and I love love love being wrapped up and cozy (fall and winter are my favorite seasons).

  41. Oh, girl, I'm the same way with my grey tee shirts! I think I have at least 3 drapey grey tees of various drapey-nesses. My roomies say I have a problem. I just say they haven't found their perfect grey tee shirt yet.

    Oh yeah, and my spirit animal has to be a Corgi…short legs, long body and a constant goofy grin on my face, despite the inevitable clumsiness that comes from my short legs and long body. Ah, well!

  42. I love this casual outfit Kendi! That skirt looks so comfy and you're so right about the basics. I definitely consider my spirit animal to be a fox!

    Chelsea & The City

  43. I'm so with you on grey tanks. Really grey tops in general. I probably own at least 10 in various silhouettes & sleeve lengths. I need to stop buying them.

  44. Absolutely adore this casual outfit! I just stumbled upon your blog for the first time. I'm looking forward to checking out your past + future posts. I also want to start my own blog, my very first blog, this year. I have a feeling yours will stand to be an inspiration for me πŸ™‚

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