As I was packing last weekend I wondered why I had never done a post on packing essentials. So I got to thinking about what I usually pack and the one certainty of every trip is probably a trusty denim jacket. It pretty much goes with everything in my suitcase and it’s kind of my style security blanket. Don’t like what I’m wearing? Put a jacket on it.

I wore this jacket every day this week. The convention center is always freezing and I can’t think when it’s cold. It was 106 degrees out but I was the girl in pants and a jacket everyday. I don’t do cold, ever. I mean I’m from Texas — below 70 and I need a coat. 
All that to say I owe you a packing essentials post, but for now here is the rule of thumb: always pack a denim jacket. It will serve you well in your travels. I don’t always travel, but when I do I always bring a denim jacket. 

Jacket: c/o Old Navy
Top: J.Crew
Pants: bloom
Shoes: Similar

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  1. I agree with the no cold!! I am from Vegas, and right now we live in Alaska!!! It is not working for me to say the least…I am always layer my denim jacket under my snowsuit..haha! Kidding but I totally would.

  2. I agree! A denim jacket also makes me look skinnier on "fat days." Which is probably why I wore one almost every day of my pregnancy. It's like, "Bowling ball tummy? Look how it disappeared when I slipped on this jean jacket." Pure magic, I tell ya.

  3. You wouldn't do well in upstate New York. Its August and we're already seeing temperatures below 55 degrees at night, as well as in the mornings and evenings. In the spring, when the temps get above 40, we are all walking around in short sleeves.

  4. I've been coveting the perfect denim jacket all year! I love this one on you Kendi, I'm so shocked you scored it at Old Navy. Hope you had a blast in Vegas!

    Chelsea & The City

  5. Love this look! I have yet to find the perfect denim jacket.
    I'm originally from MI and after living in South for the past 7 years, I don't do cold well anymore either.

  6. My denim jacket is in rotation at least once a week minimum! Love those pants!!

  7. printed pants are always my favorite!! love it! (:


  8. Literally just got home from J Crew where I bought the same Kiss Kiss shirt and a tweed skirt. Love it! I too always pack a denim jacket on vacations- you just never know!

  9. Yes, I never leave home without my denim jacket, no matter where I'm going it always comes handy. Love it paired with the cool tee and harem pants, is chic, comfy and fun!

    Cee. β™₯
    Code Overdressed

  10. Hi Kendi. I discovered your blog today and have literally spent my entire working day browsing… I got all the way back to August 2010! (And ran out of time rather than interest!). Love your style, creativity and honesty. Will definately be following from now on! x

  11. Love this outfit and those pants are fabulous. I totally agree about having a jean jacket as a staple when you travel.



  12. I'm with you 100%. Below 70 degrees, it's cold!! hahaha
    Love the outfit by the way!

  13. Love your slouchy pants with the denim jacket… old navy has some really cute stuff! Thanks for sharing Kendi!
    xo, Meg

  14. Will you ever have these pants back at Bloom? I love them, and how you styled them.

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