I know what you are thinking. Man, does she like to touch her hair. I mean judging from the photos you would think B was in the back yelling “more hair toss! more!” But in all fairness it was very windy that day so we had to play the game of hold hair, wait for wind to calm for 5 seconds, shoot, repeat. This is a fun game because 1 out of every 20 photos is okay. The rest of the photos are reminders that I should never be caught in a wind storm with a camera around because I give dirty face. 

But speaking of hair, my hair is at the length now that if I cut it I will regret it but it’s just not growing as fast as I would like it to (meaning instant) and it’s driving me crazy. So I’ve been trying to switch it up and try a few different styles. Since I suck at braids and anything else that requires motor skills and patience, I tried this tutorial out on The Beauty Department and now I feel like Kate Middleton’s distant, distant cousin related by marriage not by blood who only surfaces when someone in the family wins the lottery and proceeds to ask for a loan. Close enough for me. 


Top: sold out at bloom

Skirt: Similar

Shoes: Similar

Tote: c/o Joie

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  1. your hair looks great!! and i didn't even notice you were touching your hair in the two pictures until i read what you typed πŸ™‚ love that green blouse!!

  2. I love this top! And I just started growing my hair back out after a serious chop over a year and a half ago. It's only been 3 weeks since my last trim and I'm already pissed off. Why can't hair grow as fast as the hair on my damn legs? I'd be in heaven!

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

  3. I tried outdoor pictures Friday evening because it was sunny and the little girl was desperate to play with her new bubble machine. Took a few on the self timer and there seemed to be a gentle breeze whipping my hair across my face the very minute the picture took. Every flipping time! Doh.

    I think you posted this top on Instagram, I'm not surprised it's sold out, it's really lovely.

  4. I have a striped skirt just like this one that gets so much use these days! I love what you've done here with the pattern mixing.

  5. I think your pictures are way cute! And thanks for inspiration on how to style a striped pencil skirt!

  6. Love florals and stripes paired together! I was channeling this look on my blog today, too! And I totally get that you had to hold your hair down. I guess mother nature is better than having to buy a wind machine. πŸ˜‰


  7. I'm at the same point with my hair. Too short for anything fun, too long for an easy wash 'n' go. So far it has been a lot of ponytails, which I know isn't great…but for now, it's all I feel like doing until I can get this hair into a bun or something!

  8. Love this outfit!! Omg, THESE shoes with THAT green – amazing. I am addicted to eyecatching colored shoes contrasting the rest and you seem to be so good at styling such outfits πŸ™‚

  9. Oh.. there always is that one point where the hair just stops growing.. rather grows very slowly and now Ive hit that spot πŸ™ You look lovely!

  10. Love this outfit. The mix of prints is so pretty!!!

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  11. I recently stumbled upon your blog and I am in love with your style and your witty blurbs. The pale suede pumps look great with your outfit. Keep up the fab work!

  12. This whole outfit is beautiful and so are you!! I love the mix of prints and this color on you πŸ™‚ Also, please give me that bag!!

    xo Ashley


  13. My hair is the same length and I'm with you! Too long to cut shorter but not long enough. Love the Kate hair and outfit πŸ™‚

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