Day and Night


I don’t know what happens during the night but I go from being okay to not okay in the morning. Today in particular, I have been disoriented since the moment I woke up. Almost to a point of sheer confusion. We are lucky I even have pants on, honestly. All I know is that last night I had a dream I was on a cruise ship and then I woke up and I wasn’t on a cruise ship. Maybe that’s where the disorientation is coming from —  vacation dreams. Cruel, cruel vacation dreams. So forgive my sleepy face in these photos – I’m recovering from a really good dream. 
 Moving on to something super important now: cardigans. I have a love-hate relationship with cardigans from year to year. (Or “cardi” for those of us who also use terms like “totes” and “amaze”.) Some years I love them and wear them all of the time, others I’m just meh towards them. So perhaps love to meh relationship, not so much hate. This year I can’t get enough of them. However, I think I’ve figured out the key to cardigans: I like long cardigans because short cardigans just make me feel matronly. But not matronly like you cute moms out there. Matronly like a 1980’s mom on family vacation to an amusement park with really white keds and a fanny pack. Meaning short cardigans make me want to get a perm and a funnel cake all at once. Two things I’ve sworn off since 10th grade. (Seriously, I let a friend give me a perm in 10th grade and made my hair crispy. And funnel cakes I just try to stay away from in general because once I eat one again I will remember that they are delicious and secondly, they are hard to eat and look sexy while doing so.) 
I have got to start writing these posts at night when I have clarity of mind. Believe it or not, I’m sober right now as I’m writing this. I know.

Top: J.Crew 
Bottoms: Gap
Cardigan: Similar
Wedges: Similar
Tote: c/o Jigsaw London
Necklace: c/o Pretty Mints

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  1. 04.23.13 · Reply
  2. Kelly Vaughan says:

    I agree, the right cardigan needs to be light, bright and long, otherwise funnel cake ensues! haha Great outfit, love all the bright colors

    Kelly Adams
    She's In High Cotton

    04.23.13 · Reply
  3. Rebecca says:

    so pretty! I love these cheery spring colors. cardigan length really does make a huge difference

    04.23.13 · Reply
  4. Hahaha – your writing always makes me laugh (but this post especially). I have the same issue with cardigans – it has to be a longer-length v-neck style for it to work for me…and even then, I have a hard time styling them. This is the perfect mix & will definitely be using as inspiration πŸ™‚

    04.23.13 · Reply
  5. Amber Lindsey says:

    What a cute outfit for Spring! So pretty!

    04.23.13 · Reply
  6. ckushar says:

    This post made me LOL!!! I had a perm in the 10th grade and it was most likely my WORST fashion mistake ever! Even worse? It was my DRIVER'S LICENCE PHOTO for YEARS!!! I finally told the DMV that I lost it. When I went in for a new one, they almost didn't let me take a new photo, but the woman looked at the old photo and took pity on me… Thanks for the laugh!

    04.23.13 · Reply
  7. Mornings are hard.

    04.23.13 · Reply
  8. Gina says:

    Hi. Can you tell me were you bought your bangles (white, turquoise)?

    04.23.13 · Reply
  9. Tracy P says:

    That is one cute cardi you have there! You are one funny lady! Kendi, have you chosen your 5 winners for the shoe mint giveaway? I don't know if I missed it or not!

    04.23.13 · Reply
  10. Natali says:

    Great wedges and tote!

    04.23.13 · Reply
  11. Supriya P says:
    04.23.13 · Reply
  12. Ashleigh | Love Stoned says:

    This post made me lol! I have the exact same relationship with cardis – depending on what day it is. This one looks adorbs! β™₯
    xx Ashleigh

    04.23.13 · Reply
  13. Misis D says:

    So cute! I love your wedges too. As for the cardi, for a petite mama like me, I need to be careful with the length of my cardigan. If it's way to long, I look like I'm wearing a bathrobe. Hahaha πŸ™‚

    04.23.13 · Reply
  14. SRee says:

    Love the cardi color πŸ™‚

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    04.23.13 · Reply
  15. KW&CP says:
    04.23.13 · Reply
  16. That is so funny that you only like long cardis. I feel weird in them even though they're everywhere right now. Give me a short cardi and I can remix it all day and always feel cute. Sans perm and funnel cakes!

    04.23.13 · Reply
  17. Taylor Lawren says:

    I can always count on you for a good, little chuckle on a daily basis. πŸ™‚

    04.23.13 · Reply
  18. loving the stripes! X

    dipped in yellow

    04.23.13 · Reply
  19. Andrea says:

    Love the fanny pack reference I just discussed this topic early today! Feel the same way about a short cardi – not a good look in general! I love that you keep everything real! Totes!

    04.23.13 · Reply
  20. Supal says:

    I'm loving the colors and you definitely put a smile on my face (currently stressed with grad school assignments).

    04.23.13 · Reply
  21. Love the bright colors in this outfit! I love cardigans….but I think all of mine are short. Now I'm scared I look like an amusement park mom. Gotta get some long ones! haha…

    04.23.13 · Reply
  22. Sara says:

    Hilarious! I am a cardigan lover. I don't know why, but I feel like my love/ hate is with blazers. I LOVE the way they look on everyone… except me. Which I hate. Too bad I can't find blazers that are totally "me".

    04.23.13 · Reply
  23. Sammy Casey says:

    So funny you feel matronly in short cardigans because I feel that way about long ones! I'm super short, though so a long cardi is more like an open wrap dress on me. NOT a good look.

    04.23.13 · Reply
  24. Hahah!! Yes… your comment about Funnel Cakes is so true!! Love this cardigan you chose! Well done!!

    04.23.13 · Reply
  25. Caroline L. says:

    Spot-on outfit once again, Kendi! And I feel the same way about cardigans… I have a huge collection, and I have moments of closeness with each of them. I go through phases. Really, I have commitment issues πŸ™‚

    04.23.13 · Reply
  26. Courtney Hayes says:

    I am digging the bright neon-ish colors playing off each other. I have been in love with that top ever since it came out. Styled well! XO


    04.23.13 · Reply
  27. Your entire post just made me giggle. From being on a cruise ship to your random perm to funnel cake.. love it all. You look adorable, love the neon cardigan. And please, we all know you could never look matronly, I'm sure you could make a short cardigan work! πŸ™‚

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

    04.23.13 · Reply
  28. Lana L. says:

    I'm all about the long cardigans, Kendi. And you're so right about the short cardigans looking matronly.

    04.23.13 · Reply
  29. melissa rosenkilde says:

    The pop of pink in the necklace looks so cute! Also wondering what kind of curling iron you use? I love how natural your hair looks!

    04.23.13 · Reply
  30. Sheila says:

    Love the boyfriend jeans on you!! πŸ™‚

    xo – Sheila

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    Target Giveaway!

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    04.23.13 · Reply
  31. Megan Maddison says:

    I saw this blouse at J, Crew recently and contemplated getting it. Since seeing how cute it looks on you, I may just have to. Thanks a lot πŸ˜‰ You look adorable!


    04.23.13 · Reply
  32. Bevin says:

    Interesting. I love cardigans, but recently white jeans make me feel like I'm wearing scrubs. I've never actually worn scrubs (nor are most scrubs white…?) so I don't know where this irrational feeling comes from, but it's a thing.


    04.23.13 · Reply
  33. andkap says:

    love the green on blue.

    xo Andrea

    04.23.13 · Reply
  34. Ainslee says:

    I LOVE how you paired a cardigan with that top! Giving me inspiration on how to wear mine πŸ™‚

    xo, AInslee

    04.23.13 · Reply
  35. Love all the colors in this outfit! You teamed it all up so well πŸ™‚

    Though personally, I am not a big fan of cardigans myself..

    04.23.13 · Reply
  36. haley says:

    Agreed on the short cardigans. Just donated mine.

    Colour Me Classic

    04.23.13 · Reply
  37. sarahwhitneyjane says:

    Great look! I love the combo of colors on top!

    The Purse Snatcher

    04.23.13 · Reply
  38. …which is why I only buy cardigans that go past my natural waist. Mostly. But is there any way we can bring back fanny packs in a cool way?

    04.23.13 · Reply
  39. Katie says:

    I LOVE this outfit! I've been dying for that fit of jeans but so hard to find the right pair.

    04.23.13 · Reply
  40. I once swore off long cardigans because I thought they made me look frumpy and small (I'm 5'3"). Now I'm kicking myself for getting rid of them. Sure, I wear shorter cardigans when I'm at work (seems to make my tshirt and jeans look professional…suckers), but I like the look of longer ones when I'm not at work.

    Oh well, another excuse to go shopping!

    04.23.13 · Reply
  41. I have some longer cardigans for when I feel like wearing them…most of the time though, I like short cardigans to wear with dresses.

    04.23.13 · Reply
  42. Sarah H. says:

    You should ONLY write blog posts when you're disoriented because they're even funnier that way πŸ™‚ But your cardigan conundrum (how ya like that alliteration?) is legit – I have a ton of cardigans but recently I think I've been in the "meh" phase toward them. So it's not just you.

    ~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life

    04.23.13 · Reply
  43. Longer cardigan make me look short πŸ™ So I stick to the medium ones. You look lovely and love that yellow on you!

    04.23.13 · Reply
  44. Such a cute outfit! Those jeans are seriously amazing on you. Just perfection. I actually have a really similar thing with cardigans. Sometimes I like them and sometimes they just seem so blah! But I do really like this neon-ish one on you! Lately I've been using my always-loved chambray as a substitute in the summer.


    Sequins & Shadows

    04.23.13 · Reply
  45. ashleigh says:

    I agree with you, cropped cardis aren't very flattering. I say totes and cray and amaze, and cardis. Sorry!

    04.23.13 · Reply
  46. Melissa says:

    Love that shirt! and love the color blue in the shirt and pink necklace together! too cute!

    04.23.13 · Reply
  47. Kacie Ellis says:

    I have the same relationship with cardigans!

    04.23.13 · Reply
  48. little & ever says:

    This outfit is going straight to my Pinterest! (My variation of "going straight to the pool room" – from that Aussie classic movie "The Castle"). Such a lovely example of beautiful-casual.

    And I agree with the "cardigan conundrum" (as per Sarah H). My last short one made its way to the op shop last week. Loving the long ones πŸ™‚

    04.23.13 · Reply
  49. julia martin says:

    i have a love-love relationship with cardis and yes, longer are better!


    04.24.13 · Reply
  50. Jackie says:

    BAHAHA amazing post, even though I don't share your love-meh relationship with cardis. I am always a fan!!!

    04.24.13 · Reply
  51. Amanda says:

    I love your cardigan! Wish they still sold that one so I could get one for myself! Just bought a necklace from Pretty Mints thanks to this post πŸ™‚ Such a cute spring outfit!

    Xo, Amanda

    04.24.13 · Reply
  52. Nice! xoxo

    04.24.13 · Reply
  53. Julia says:

    Can I just say I want to copy cat all your outfits? Thanks for the constant inspiration!

    04.24.13 · Reply
  54. sandyalamode says:

    super cute look! i love how it looks soo effortless!

    04.24.13 · Reply
  55. Love that J. Crew top!
    xx Allie |

    04.24.13 · Reply
  56. Kaitlin Charles says:

    I actually laughed out loud when I read the part about a "perm and a funnel cake", I know exactly how you feel.

    04.24.13 · Reply
  57. photosbyjaana says:

    spot on! new cardi rules to live by!

    04.24.13 · Reply
  58. Karen Reid-Mogford says:

    You are so funny I always smile reading your posts! You should be on SNL πŸ™‚

    04.24.13 · Reply
  59. Sleepy face? Where!? Haha, you are hilarious! I totally have to same relationship with cardigans. Still haven't figured out what kind of cardigan is the best for me though…

    XOXO from the Netherlands,

    ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀

    04.24.13 · Reply
  60. Meredith shepherd says:

    love this ! great colours!

    04.24.13 · Reply
  61. Roanna Fernandes says:

    You really are the sweetest. Love your writing! Virtual hugs from one computer screen to another. πŸ™‚

    04.24.13 · Reply
  62. Liz says:

    I love this outfit!

    04.24.13 · Reply
  63. Mica says:

    haha such a fun post to read! πŸ™‚ I really like your cardi with this outfit – they are great layering pieces πŸ™‚

    Away From Blue

    04.24.13 · Reply
  64. I always love your outfits, but this is one of my favorites I've seen lately. PLUS, this post was just too funny! Love your humor!

    04.24.13 · Reply
  65. I'm the same way with cardigans. I pretty much swore them off in favor of unstructured blazers last year, but this year I might be with you on longer cardis. This one looks totes amaze on you, lol!


    04.24.13 · Reply
  66. Kayla says:

    Hate those days when you just can't pull anything especially your brain together! Keep embracing the cardi. They're worth it.

    Memoirs & Mochas

    04.24.13 · Reply
  67. You look lovely! xo, Christina

    04.24.13 · Reply
  68. Chelsea Tubbs says:

    Hehe Kendi, your cardi is totes amaze! I'm sorry you're not on a cruise ship, I can totally see how that would be disorienting. πŸ˜‰ I picked up that striped J Crew blouse this weekend and you're giving me all kinds of inspiration for styling it.

    Chelsea & The City

    04.24.13 · Reply
  69. Rosely Carrasco says:

    Your style is great but your random ramblings are what keep me coming back. Its such a treat to read your posts.

    04.24.13 · Reply
  70. Dani says:

    You are so funny, Kendi!
    I love this look; the mix of the pop colors are great together. And cardigans will always have my heart… Long lives the totes amaze cardi!

    04.24.13 · Reply
  71. So pretty! It's funny that you said "old" Old navy because I just added a post on my blog yesterday and I'm wearing an Old Navy trench coat hand-me-down from my mom. It might be the same one! lol Love it! The boots are adorable!

    04.25.13 · Reply
  72. So pretty!!!!!!!!

    Loving this outfit. Womens Going out Dresses

    04.25.13 · Reply
  73. awesome collection

    04.25.13 · Reply
  74. Great Womens Going out Dresses

    04.25.13 · Reply
  75. Jennifer says:
    04.25.13 · Reply
  76. AmandaBischoff says:

    I want that shirt so bad but am 5 mths prego – Kendi does it run like a Blythe?? I know what size I am in those!!

    04.26.13 · Reply
  77. has anyone told you that you look like kree harrison from american idol?


    04.27.13 · Reply
  78. Mackenzie says:

    Kendi…been reading your blog for so long now and never shared my love for your posts…you are GREAT!!!!!! Just had to share. You're the neon yellow in the midst of all the other blogs I check in on:)

    05.11.13 · Reply
  79. lucylou says:

    Errrm I'm pretty sure cardi is what everyone calls it in the UK (I have always said that) not just people who say totes/amaze! πŸ™‚

    05.12.13 · Reply