Spring Break


It has occurred to me this week that I know a lot of teachers. Every third post on Facebook is from a teacher I know. And this might be the one week that I am jealous of their profession — spring break. Does this make me want to have the responsibility of teaching the future generation on my hands? No, no. I shall stick with dressing grown women and let those kind-hearted stick to teaching. But I do like the sound of a week off. I vote spring break for everyone, next year. It only seems fair. 

You would never know I had my computer with me, would you? I’m fancy like that. Concealed but fancy. I’ve been toting my poor computer around in whatever random bag I had available so I finally feel like an official business woman. Yes, it took a laptop bag to make me feel official, not the fact that I own a store. It’s the little things, you know? 

PS: Remember the jeans I wore on Friday? I styled them in part with Big Star Jeans for a chance to win tickets to Coachella. It’s kind of a long shot but if you have a chance today or this week, would you mind voting for me? Because seeing me dressed as a hipster for a weekend is reason enough. 


Dress: c/o Ruche

Belt: Madewell

Cardigan: Gap

Bag: c/o Jigsaw London

Shoes: Bloom

Spike Bracelet: c/o Stella & Dot

Sunnies: c/o Coach

Necklace: c/o PoshLocket

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  1. Alissa Futhey says:

    As a student in her last year of college, I am so sad that this is my last spring break! It's so great to be able to recharge and then focus again. I vote that everyone should get a spring break!

    03.12.13 · Reply
  2. Spring Break for everyone-I'm in! 🙂

    Love your shoes!

    03.12.13 · Reply
  3. Janice Persico says:

    Love the stripes! I'm a stay at home mom, I'll vote for a spring break for myself next year too.  So jealous of going out in bare legs (I'm in CT); dreaming of somewhere warm to go next year…

    03.12.13 · Reply
  4. i completely agree with you about spring break.  in france {and basically the rest of europe for that matter} takes the entire month of august off.  the cities literally shut down and everyone goes on holiday.  i vote we bring that over to the US!

    03.12.13 · Reply
  5. Lisa says:

    Please tell me you are getting some more of these shoes in your store!!!  When I tried to order on Friday, you were sold out in my size!!!

    It stinks to be an adult…..my daughter graduates from nursing school in May and she is very sad that this will be her last spring break!!


    03.12.13 · Reply
  6. Liana Renee says:

    SO CUTE!! Can't wait until the weather in New York decides to get warm enough for me to look as adorable as you!

    03.12.13 · Reply
  7. Laptop concealing purses are the best, I can't wait to ditch my backpack next year for grad school haha

    03.12.13 · Reply
  8. Natali says:

    Looking beautiful and very Spring-ish 🙂


    03.12.13 · Reply
  9. Yes.  I am definitely on board for spring break.  This outfit looks so springy too though.  The colour combo is really cute and that dress fits you like a dream.

    03.12.13 · Reply
  10. Simple Easy Style says:

    Your style is so amazing I wish i had your entire wardrobe! Love this look! 


    03.12.13 · Reply
  11. Love this striped dress and the color of your cardi! You look absolutely beautiful and totally like you're ready for spring break… even if it's just pretend. 🙂

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

    03.12.13 · Reply
  12. Rachelle says:

    cute dress, I love the color combo.


    03.12.13 · Reply
  13. Christina says:

    Such a pretty spring outfit. I LOVE how your shoes match your bag and your belt matches your cardigan. Very neat!

    03.12.13 · Reply
  14. Catherine Lea Anderson says:

    There is nothing better and easier for spring than a great striped dress! Love this look!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

    03.12.13 · Reply
  15. this reminds me how much i wish having a spring break. oh, and seeing the sunshine. 

    03.12.13 · Reply
  16. Kendi Lea says:

    Lisa! I will know at the end of this week if we are able to re-order them! Fingers crossed we can! They flew out the door. If you want, email us at info@bloomdowntown.com and we can put you on a waiting list just in case we get a re-order. 

    03.12.13 · Reply
  17. The perfect Spring outfit! Love these colors together!


    03.12.13 · Reply
  18. pretty little things says:

    that dress looks gorgeous on you and love those heels! xo


    03.12.13 · Reply
  19. Jackie FoodWineFashion says:

    I love this outfit! I have an obsession with stripes (I believe you talked about your obsession last week) and yellow and blue is my favorite combination. 

    PS I voted for you! 

    xo Jackie

    03.12.13 · Reply
  20. Kelsey Wilburn says:

    beautiful outfit! adore the fresh spring feel and love your bag! voted for you!
    kw ladies in navy

    03.12.13 · Reply
  21. Célia Tavares says:

    Gorgeous!! Love the look 🙂


    03.12.13 · Reply
  22. I received my pre-ordered navy/white stripe Newquay dress from Boden last week that has a yellow band around the waist! You look fantastic, please send some sunshine towards the UK when you get a moment 🙂

    03.12.13 · Reply
  23. EmerJa design says:

    Love the mix of colours it smells like spring! And loove your original shoes!


    03.12.13 · Reply
  24. Pretty Plain Janes says:

    You always look good but particularly smokin' in that second to last pic.  Love your blog Kendi!  Oh, and you have been voted for.  🙂

    03.12.13 · Reply
  25. Karen L says:

    My kids get TWO weeks for Spring Break! Sleeping in for two whole weeks. Can't wait. You really should declare your store "closed for Spring Break"! LOL! This outfit is so. dang. cute. You look gorgeous and I am so jealous that your weather calls for an outfit like this! Its still layers where I'm at. Boo.

    03.12.13 · Reply
  26. Betsy says:

    I work at a university and although the students get the week off, we do not.  It just doesn't seem fair. 🙂  Everyone things we get all the same days off though.  I love those shoes.

    03.12.13 · Reply
  27. ashleigh says:

    This is the perfect look for spring. It's showing a lot of leg, but other than that the colors, the stripes, the shoes. Perfect!

    03.12.13 · Reply
  28. Malindaf82 says:

    Really love this look, so fresh and bright. I love your shoes too


    03.12.13 · Reply
  29. Taylor_fuller says:

    you have such an amazing ability to style pieces together so they look just right! 

    I'm graduating college in may and I am so sad that spring break is going with it…


    03.12.13 · Reply
  30. My spring break is only 1 day off! How silly is that 😛 So I vote yes on proposal Spring Break for all next year!

    The Occasional Indulgence

    03.12.13 · Reply
  31. Kristen Radka says:

    As someone who does have spring break, I do wish there was a national spring break so all my non-teaching friends could play too! I like the easy going nature of this outfit and that blue dress is really cute!

    03.12.13 · Reply
  32. Sarah H. says:

    There IS another way to enjoy spring break without being a teacher…and that's being a student! And let me just tell you how fun spring break is as a law student. I get to study without those pesky classes getting in the way. It's pretty wild. Anywho, this outfit is so bright and stripy and it makes me happy!!

    ~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life

    03.12.13 · Reply
  33. Agi Mayer says:

    Love this outfit. I wish it were spring here and i could wear a dress with wedges. Love the dress with the yellow cardigan.



    03.12.13 · Reply
  34. Shannon says:

    Love the blue and white stripped Ruche dress! It's amazing!


    03.12.13 · Reply
  35. Andrea says:

    this outfit is amazing! perfect for spring 🙂

    03.12.13 · Reply
  36. Rachel says:

    Love those shoes and dress!

    03.12.13 · Reply
  37. carlibee says:

    Favourite outfit ever on you! Just such a lovely look! PS. I too just bought a grown up lady, chic laptop/day bag recently. Honestly, it's done wonders for my perceived maturity. It's one of those 'glance at it and smile introspectively as you pat yourself on the back for how grown up and awesome you are' purchases 😉

    03.12.13 · Reply
  38. christy says:

    Spring break… wow, I haven't been able to enjoy that in a long time! But I'm also really glad I'm not in school anymore 🙂 Great look for spring!


    03.12.13 · Reply
  39. Iliyana Licheva says:

    the colors are perfect for spring! 🙂


    03.12.13 · Reply
  40. Nicole Chiarella says:

    Not only are your outfits to die for but your sarcasm is on point! 🙂

    xo Nicole


    03.12.13 · Reply
  41. Stripes are the perfect neutral!


    03.12.13 · Reply
  42. Love this dress and pairing it with the bright cardigan & belt was a stroke of genius – such a cheery spring look! 🙂


    03.12.13 · Reply
  43. Beautiful, gorgeous!!! 

    03.12.13 · Reply
  44. rachaelrockergirl says:

    Oh that is such a gorgeous outfit, so perfect for spring and I LOVE the stripes :).

    Rachael xx.


    03.12.13 · Reply
  45. Dress To Cook says:

    beautiful spring colors 🙂

    xxDress To Cook Blog 

    03.12.13 · Reply
  46. ilikeshoes85 says:

    Wow! Amazing outfit!!!

    03.12.13 · Reply
  47. msmelaniemarie says:

    Voted for you.  Mainly because I wish I could go myself, but I'm poor, so I'll settle with living vicariously through your experience if you go and what I expect will be a huge and highly-detailed blog post about said Coachella experience (ahem, hint hint).  🙂

    BTW, love the color combo.  Still jealous that you guys have the weather for it.  My legs are so pale they're nearly translucent, but going outside without tights on at least here is not an option unless I want icicle legs, and I cannot rock that look.

    Style to Stage

    03.12.13 · Reply
  48. Carrie says:

    Perfect spring look! I would love to have a week off also. I vote yes!
    Style in the City

    03.12.13 · Reply
  49. Amber says:

    Love this crisp spring look!
    I'm making my own spring break when my teacher friend comes to visit me during hers!  Otherwise it would just mean the annoyance of finding alternate childcare for my kindergartner.  Kids these days get all kinds of holidays no one else is observing :/

    03.12.13 · Reply
  50. The neon yellow is my favorite.


    03.12.13 · Reply
  51. beverlyislike says:

    Kendi I love this look! Just dyed my hair dark and I think you've proven I could likely rock a neon yellow cardigan 🙂

    Next time (or first time) I'm in Texan I'm pretty sure I need to take a visit to your shop.

    xo b

    03.12.13 · Reply
  52. Jacy Tilton says:

    Gorgeous, bright spring look! I love how you incorporated the neon and stripes trends seamlessly!

    03.12.13 · Reply
  53. KK @BSMMH says:

    How much am I loving the nautical stripes and yellow?? You look so springy! And I'm jealous of how shorts-ready your legs are, girl…mine are pale and scary. Super cute bag too! 


    03.12.13 · Reply
  54. Jessicajoneslyons says:

    so cute. You look ready for spring!

    03.12.13 · Reply
  55. Jennifer says:

    I used to want to be a teacher because of the vacation perks. And then I realized that meant trying to teach kids. Haha! Teachers definitely deserve those vacations!

    xo Jennifer


    03.12.13 · Reply
  56. this is such a beautiful outfit!! love the colors!

    03.12.13 · Reply
  57. Morgan Liti says:

    Can we see you dressed as a hipster for a weekend even if you don't win? 🙂

    P.S. I love this dress – Go Ruche!


    See Mo Go.

    03.12.13 · Reply
  58. Totally adorable!

    03.12.13 · Reply
  59. Caroline L. says:

    How does your hair manage to look so fab every single day? Share your wisdom, girl! 🙂 And I love this look… so clean & fresh & spring-ready!


    03.12.13 · Reply
  60. This look is great and the shoes are simply so charming!

    Monica from Fashion Koketi

    03.12.13 · Reply
  61. jesscause says:

    this dress and cardigan combo is just perfect … so pretty as usual!!

    03.12.13 · Reply
  62. Myotherclosetiscouture says:

    loving the color combo here so vibrant and spring! not to mention those shoes! obsessed! good luck with winning i have my fingers crossed for you (but unfortunately cant vote because i dont have a fb account just a page for my site)! you are stunning xo


    03.12.13 · Reply
  63. Caroline St. Francis says:

    Love this outfit! So perfect for spring. I can see those wedges working perfectly with everything for the next few months.

    ~ Caroline

    03.12.13 · Reply
  64. dipped in yellow says:

    obsessed with this outfit! it's so refreshing 🙂 http://www.dippedinyellow.blogspot.com

    03.12.13 · Reply
  65. This looks like a good "spring break" outfit and I agree- spring breaks all around!!

    -Classy Chic & Chardonnay

    03.12.13 · Reply
  66. Love this so much!! Neon ans stripes you cannot go wrong!

    03.12.13 · Reply
  67. I LOVE this! The stripes and yellow are amazing together. 

    03.12.13 · Reply
  68. Ayantika says:

    loved the outfit. That dress is just perfect for spring and the cardigan is very soothing !
    Love,Bong's Belleza

    03.12.13 · Reply
  69. Love the combo of all these colors! Bright but classy. 
    FashionEdible Blog

    03.12.13 · Reply
  70. Star Lee White says:

    Love these bright colors and happy stripes! Makes me hopeful that summer will come….eventually! So ready!


    03.12.13 · Reply
  71. Kacie Ellis says:

    Perfect Spring outfit!


    03.12.13 · Reply
  72. photosbyjaana says:

    man those shoes are ca-yute!!!


    03.12.13 · Reply
  73. Andrea says:

    great casual outfit and your hair looks amazing. nice new profile pic!

    xo Andreawww.sophisticatedsass.com

    03.12.13 · Reply
  74. I will buy that dress off of you- please say yes!! This post baby bod is in need of some new spring clothes and that dress fits the bill perfectly!

    03.12.13 · Reply
  75. Rachel says:

    Love this outfit. A lot. And good luck with the contest!!

    03.12.13 · Reply
  76. Jess says:

    I`m so glad I found your blog. I love your sense of style, because you wear things I might actually wear 🙂 Beautiful outfit, especially love the cardigan.

     Some Snapshots Blog

    03.12.13 · Reply
  77. Sarah says:

    Gorgeous look! I love the dress.

    The Purse Snatcher 

    03.12.13 · Reply
  78. Anca Madalina Baboi says:

    Ha ha, my mother is a teacher! When I was a kid it was nice to have my mom with me during spring breaks and the summer holiday, but now I have to work (basically all year long) and she gets to enjoy spring break. It's not fun anymore :))!

    In Romania we are only allowed to have 21 days of leave per year. Adding the not-so-many official free days (1 day for Easter, 2 for Christmas, 1 for St Andrew, 1 for our National Day, 1 for First of May and 1 for Virgin Mary's celebration)- if we are lucky enough that these days aren't weekend days :D, I still feel like I'm spending a lot of time working and not enough time having fun, or even relax…

    Lovely dress, Kendi!



    03.12.13 · Reply
  79. Natalie says:

    LOVE this! Perfect color combo, nice and simple, and so perfect for the slightly warmer temperatures. You look so fantastic!

    Name's Not Ashley

    03.12.13 · Reply
  80. Inge Jane says:

    I adore this outfit.  The dress is gorgeous and the yellow accents go with it perfectly! And if it makes you feel any better, school's don't get spring break where I teach. Hmph =/

    03.12.13 · Reply
  81. Obsessed with this color palette. Is it freaking spring yet?! Also, need those shoes. NEED them.

    xo Ashley thetiniestfirecracker.com

    03.12.13 · Reply
  82. This is a gorgeous color combination! Stop making me crazy spring so much please! 


    03.12.13 · Reply
  83. You look lovely!

    03.12.13 · Reply
  84. Michelle Johnson says:

    Kendi, did you just get that dress from Ruche? I went to their website, but what you linked to doesn't take me to the dress… I'm wondering if its just not available to everyone yet? Anyway, loving the outfit!

    03.12.13 · Reply
  85. Jen says:

    Such a great color combination! You look perfect for spring 🙂


    03.12.13 · Reply
  86. Erica says:

    This outfit is so cute!!! I especially love your shoes 🙂


    03.13.13 · Reply
  87. Sofia @ Stylishlyinlove says:

    Beautiful and colorful look you have on. Great blog. 

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post 'Channeling Audrey'. I would love to hear what you think. XOSofiastylishlyinlove.blogspot.com

    03.13.13 · Reply
  88. Jess_Dynarski says:

    I love your dress and those shoes are to die for! So great! 


    03.13.13 · Reply
  89. TheresaTran says:

    This outfit is so flattering on you!!! You pull of the stripes so well. (: Really love the combination of colors.


    03.13.13 · Reply
  90. Sarah Johnson says:

    This outfit is so adorable! I love it. Also, I'm obsessed with those shoes. Gimme. 

    03.13.13 · Reply
  91. Natalie Elisabeth says:

    I hope you win the contest! I just voted for you (:

    03.13.13 · Reply
  92. molly says:

    oh my gosh, this outfit is an instant favorite. so classic and bright. love it!

    03.13.13 · Reply
  93. Amanda E. says:

    Kendi – I've been following your blog forever and never commented, but those shoes are my DREAM! I wanted to purchase them off of bloom but no dice since you're sold out of my size. 

    I saw a similar pair on the show Girls and have been trolling for them since January — suggestions, please? This girl is desperate for a cute spring pair! 

    <3 xoxo

    03.13.13 · Reply
  94. XeanaFashion says:

    Beautiful combination of colors!

    From http://www.xeanafashion.com  

    03.13.13 · Reply
  95. Mica says:

    Really like the yellow with the striped dress! Good luck in the competition 🙂

    Away From The Blue

    03.13.13 · Reply
  96. Supal says:

    ah love jigsaw london's bag! Such a great outfit and I think you should teach a fashion class… starting em young, ya know? 


    03.13.13 · Reply
  97. Amy @ Long Drive Journey says:

    So jealous that it's warm where you are and you can actually style outfits with bear legs…My legs haven't seen sunlight since September.

    03.13.13 · Reply
  98. Megan Maddison says:

    I love royal blue and yellow together – great outfit.  I also love your shoes – adorable!


    03.13.13 · Reply
  99. Melanie R says:

    Love this look!! I agree, Spring Break for everyone!! 🙂 

    03.13.13 · Reply
  100. You look amazing and I love this entire look. 

    03.13.13 · Reply
  101. Haley Valerie says:

    This is probably my favorite outfit that you have ever worn!


    03.14.13 · Reply
  102. I loved your outfit a lot…you look so stylish..
    Android Developer

    03.14.13 · Reply
  103. Grace Holt says:

    I love this!  Blue and yellow is my favorite color combination ever!  I guess you can blame my growing up a Chargers fan for that. That stella & dot bracelet is just perfect too.

    03.14.13 · Reply
  104. Guest says:

    I'm so jelly you can wear a dress outside right now – Colorado is getting there but not quite yet!

    03.14.13 · Reply
  105. Demi3 says:

    OMG those shoes!….that's it.

    03.14.13 · Reply
  106. Demi3 says:

    I have to add an addendum….that is not to say "that's it"  as in that is all I like . The whole outfit is envy worthy. Just at that moment I wanted to comment on the extreme envy worthiness of the shoes. Although I guess with this addendum I now squashed the point……*sigh* I'll stop now.

    03.14.13 · Reply
  107. Debora ETS says:

    I love how you have matched the belt and the cardigan against the blue and white of the dress. Beautiful!

    03.17.13 · Reply
  108. Andrea says:

    I love everything about this look! So jealous that you can go bare legged too. I'm dying for that kind of weather around here! These colors are perfect for Spring Break. http://akstylemyway.blogspot.com/

    03.18.13 · Reply
  109. Hallie Brady says:

    That's a great look! I just bought one of those dresses from Burlington. I love their discounts and the dress looks great. I will definitely be getting a lot of use out of it.

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    04.30.13 · Reply
  110. ellaava says:

    This color combination is completely different form others… its such a awesome stylish dress you have choose for…


    08.17.13 · Reply