I’ve got a thing for triangles. Kind of a weird object to have a thing for but I can’t control where my heart takes me. Yesterday my heart took me to Madewell and I found this triangle overload sweater on sale. My heart knows a good deal. 

For those of you who were jealous of my ten hour marathon sleep the other night, please know that the one night streak is over. I’m back to my 4-5 hour a night sleep patterns. I almost wish the ten-hour sleep would have never happened — then I would have never been reminded what it felt like to be well-rested. One thing is certain: I have excellent training for sleepless nights with children. So really when I have kids it will just be a bonus — I’ll at least have company at night, right? I will train my children at a very early age to love Pinterest at midnight. 


Cardigan: Madewell (on sale in-store)

Jeans: c/o Big Star Denim

Shoes: Bloom 

Tote: Madewell

Belt: Madewell

Necklace: c/o T&J Designs

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  1. I love your idea of training your kids on pinterest. I'm a college student while working in marketing and 4-5 hours of sleep is all I get too! I can't imagine getting less as a parent someday? IS that possible?

    By the way, who takes all of your photos?

  2. Love the outfit, especially the jeans! As a new mom, may I also say that I am extremely jealous of your four hours of sleep…. And you can never train yourself for the lack of sleep with children, sorry :). I haven't gotten more than two straight hours in the past two months since she was born!

  3. ohhhhh that sweater! Actually, the whole outfit. Love the necklace especially too! 

  4. That sweater is really cute.  I love the way you've styled it with the small touches of neon in the belt and necklace.  I've been seeing way too much neon overload lately, and this outfit reminds me that neon CAN be done right.  Those shoes are adorable too.

  5. I've had this sweater on my wishlist, and was waiting for a sale. I don't have a store near me, and I just looked and it is not on sale online yet. Rats!

  6. You kid but, as a new mom, I spend more time on pinterest between the hours of midnight and 3am than I would like to admit. My daughter doesn't quite share my middle-of-the-night love of DIY personalized acrylic serving trays but I'm sure she'll eventually come around.  4 month olds. sheesh.

  7. Oh, have a good weekend (and another "sleep marathon." You look great by the way.

  8. Lovely outfit – I especially love that cardi & those jeans! Oh and the necklace 🙂

  9. Jackie.  You can call any store and purchase it on the phone, and they will ship it to you!   (As long as they have it in stock).  It is also an additional 20% off of the sale price until Monday!

    Thanks for the tip on the sale Kendi!  I was able to buy it on the phone and will pick it up on Monday, as I can't make it to the mall until then!  Been waiting for this sweater to go on sale since it came out! 

  10. This is super cute. I love those SHOES the most though! Also super J that you can wear them. It is crazy snowing here right now. Thinking summer thoughts!

  11. Kendi – Do you mind sharing what size you got?  I've been eyeing up that sweater and trying to decide between two different sizes, and I'm not too familiar with Madewell clothes yet. Thanks!

  12. $49.99 — and yes there is a 20% off that started today extra off the sale. I would of course jump the gun and not get the discount but it's there! 

  13. My husband takes all of my photos 🙂

    And re: the sleep + parent comment I guess it just depends on the kid. Some of my friends get 8 hours a night starting at 6 months, others are up all night until the kid is 2. Keep your fingers crossed for a sleeper is what I say. 

  14. I have to have those shoes!! Sold out in my size, will you be getting anymore in stock?

  15. Love that sweater!  I also like how the straps on your shoes play up the triangle shape.  Btw, I don't think it's weird to have a thing for triangles… I have a thing for circles 🙂

  16. I'm in love with your outfit today!  It's casual, but so fun, and I love all the extra touches, especially the shoes!

  17. Adorable I have had that sweater on my wish list for months. How does it run size wise I want to purchase over the phone too!!!????

  18. You're killing me with those wedges. I'm supposed to be on a shoe buying hiatus.  

  19. I lol'd when you said you were gonna train your kids to love Pinterest. If only everyone understood my addiction like you do… LOVE the cardigan btw

    xo Ashley thetiniestfirecracker.com

  20. Love this outfit! And the heart wants what the heart wants…I'm definitely not going to judge your triange obsession! Great look for a Friday.

    Name's Not Ashley

  21. let me just say:  this has been a week of GOOD outfits!  I've loved them all!  And this sale sweater?  Perfection!!!

    yes, the internet and silent Seinfeld reruns are GREAT for middle of the night feedings…cause you know your spouse will NOT be keeping you company….except with his snoring… 😉

  22. I am loving this sweater!  Too bad I live nowhere near a Madewell store (and the online cost isn't exactly budget friendly for me).

  23. man I really do hate being just one of those "love this!" looks…but I really do like this look. I don't really "do" neon, but I think the neutrals in both the sweater and the rest of the outfit make me want to try it a little bit. ok, maybe a lot bit.

  24. LOVE your outfit ! (: The cardigan is super cute.


  25. I always love your outfits but sometimes like this one I just go wow LOVE IT, You manage to put on jeans a white top and a cardigan and it looks so amazing. love your blog

  26. Hi Kendi, lovely outfit. I really like the idea of simple jeans and a white tee but with a funky, patterned cardigan. I've already pinned your outfit (though not at midnight… this time. I'm very glad I'm not the only one to pin at all hours of the day either!). 

  27. This totally worked for me. I was able to call a store and get it at the sale price and with the additional 20% off (and with free shipping!). I was so bummed when it wasn't on sale online all of your tips really made my day. Thank you!

  28. So cute! Especially love the cardigan and wedges, but it all works together very well!

  29. Is it weird that while browsing your style posts… I find myself swooning over your hair more than the clothes? 😛 Seriously — you have such beautiful hair!

    This outfit looks great as well! I love love those jeans. <3

  30. the colors in the sweater along w the pop of the necklace makes such a simple outfit SOOO cute!

  31. Words cannot describe how much I love that sweater!


  32. Darn you, Kendi! Everytime I eye stuff online I see you wearing it and I have to buy it:) I love seeing how something looks on you as you wear things so well (that may sound a little creepy…) Question: how is the fit on the cardi? I have a little trouble with Madewell sizing!

  33. LOVE the triangles & colors! X http://dippedinyellow.blogspot.com/2013/03/london-uniform.html

  34. Love your shoes!!!
    The IdentiFemi Girls.

  35. Love love love your cardigan! It's so interesting and perfect for Spring. And those neutrals wedges are so comfy-looking and go with everything! 

  36. I am so in love with this outfit! It screams happy go lucky spring style. Every single piece is the perfect compliment to the next. Love love love.

    Chelsea @ howidwellnow.com

  37. Love that sweater and love that you paired neon yellow accessories with this!


  38. I've been reading your blog daily for about two years now and I have to say this is one of my favorite outfits from you. It's just so young and fun and relaxed. I want to buy all these pieces because it just looks great and like I could run errands all day and feel and look great doing it. 

  39. Super fun look 🙂 I love the criss-cross straps of your wedges.

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